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Staying organized, feeling comfortable, and creating an attractive and attractive workspace for yourself are the three keys to staying productive and motivated when you work from home. But how is it possible to do all that with a limited budget? Answer: with this work from home products that really turns a corner of your living space into a fully operational office.

Now, comfort is the key in building your workspace; without it, your productivity will probably dip. For that, try this back cushion and lumbar to make any chair support (even your kitchen chair).

So now that you are seated, it’s time to find out where to put your computer, and there are many options for this. If you like a more traditional table but need to fit into a smaller space, this is compact desk and shelf combination is a real offer. Or if you are looking for mobility, look at this laptop carts. Of course, if you want to keep things really peeled, you can always go with the ones that are reliable lap table and work from the sofa.

For more products that will turn your living space into a workspace, read on.

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1. This Versatile Laptop Stand Height Adjustable

You can use this height setting laptop holder in many ways. Place it on your desk to lift your laptop and reduce neck strain, or increase it even more to use it as a standing desk. You can also use it on the couch as a lap table or extend it to be used as a tray table.

2. This Memory Foam Pillow That Allows To Sit For Hours

Prevent back pain with this memory foam pillow which is designed to reduce stress on the spine, support proper alignment, and improve your posture. Contoured seat cushions for maximum comfort, and are perfect for spending hours at your desk.

3. This Wrist Lets You Click and Type Ergonomically

Protect yourself from repetitive stress injuries with this ergonomic mouse pad. Made of lightweight and breathable memory foam supported with non-skid grip, this mouse pad is equipped with a built-in pillow that supports your wrist as you click and scroll.

4. Simple Lap Table That Makes Using a Laptop So Much More Enjoyable

With a sturdy flat surface that is equally suitable for your laptop as a snack or writing material, this lap table is a major utility player. Designed with a pillow at the bottom to make your lap comfortable while you work, an internal ventilation table to keep your computer cool and eight adjustable angle options, so you can get the best look.

5. These Planners That Will Help You Stay Organized

When you work from home, it might be difficult to keep track of all your projects, but this is it planner help you stay on track. This format gives you entries for hour-by-hour planning, as well as lists for action items, as well as space for notes and, of course, scribbles. Plus, it comes with sticky tabs so you can index and arrange like a pro.

6. A Perfect Pair of Headphones You Can Use on All Video Calls

All your video calls will sound much clearer and clearer with this headphones features a built-in microphone and volume buttons for efficient control. They are lightweight and feature padded headbands that make them comfortable to wear, and they are foldable for easy carrying when you are traveling.

7. Notebook Folders That Keep Your Documents Organized

Keep your work and projects separate and organized with this notebook folder. With 24 colorful bags, this ring-bound notebook allows you to easily browse folders, and the tabs make finding individual parts easy. This is great for sorting and storing everything in one place, even when you don’t have a file cabinet nearby.

8. Leggings Are Basically You Will Stay Day and Night

I guarantee this leggings You will live day and night when you work from home. Really the comfortable solution you are looking for, this ultra-soft, high waist leggings features an extra wide waist for extra coverage. The reviewer of this book wrote, “I wear these pants on a 12-hour flight and they are very comfortable! Wide waist without elastic pinched is ideal for me. They are very soft and wash beautifully.”

  • Available sizes: X-small – XX-large
  • Available colors: two

9. This Dry Erase Calendar That Will Keep All Your Projects On Track

Visual references can be very helpful when you juggle a lot of projects, and this dry erase calendar can help. The 16×20 inch calendar is magnetic, so you can even attach cards, notes and pictures to it. A gold-finished metal frame provides a bit of elegance, and it is accompanied by a dry eraser marker and magnet to help you get started.

10. Laptop Trolley That Lets You Work From Anywhere in Your Home

With wheeled pedestal that can easily slide under the chair or sofa, this laptop carts is ideal when you are looking for mobility at home. The height can be adjusted from 20 to 33 inches, so you can use it comfortably no matter what type of chair (or sofa) you sit on. Choose from six completed options.

11. A Balance Ball Chair That Gives You the Core of Exercise

Get a little core strength training there on your desk with this balance ball . A very durable ball that provides solid support and comes in three size options that fit the body from a height of 5 feet to 6 feet 5 inches. It comes with an inflation pump, and when you don’t use it on your desk, you can use it to add extra challenges to your practice.

12. Compact Table Ideal for Small Space

With its slim profile, this desk making working in the smallest space possible. At only 40×16 inches high, the table itself has enough space for your laptop and mouse, and three adjacent shelves allow you to store office supplies, files, picture frames and plants. Choose from several different finishes.

13. This Holder Which Protects Your Laptop from Overheating

Working with your laptop directly on a solid surface can start to overheat (especially if your computer is on the older side). Keep it cool with this vent laptop holder which makes air circulation. The stand can be adjusted at an angle and also lifts up your computer, so it is in a more comfortable viewing position.

14. This Foot Rest That Will Make You Comfortable When You Sit

Relax while you are working at your desk with this footrest it’s adjusted to the angle and height to give you the most supportive position – just use your feet to adjust. Leg rest is a great way to increase circulation and relieve pressure from your spine and tailbone, while relaxing your legs.

15. Stand to Keep Your Tablet at Eye Level for Easier to See

Maybe you are using your cellphone for a video conference, or maybe you are resting and watching funny videos – whatever the problem, this telephone holder is an ideal accessory for work and play. Your arm rotates 360 degrees fully, and the holder holds your device steady on a flat surface.

16. Coffee Makers That Distribute One Cup at a Time

Beer your coffee one cup at a time with this single serve coffee makers. It makes up to 10 ounces with one pack of coffee and up to 14 ounces with ground coffee, and the basket of earth that is included can be reused. This is a great way to keep your coffee game hot and fresh all day.

17. This Charging Station Which Keeps All Your Devices Powered

Eliminate cable problems that are snaking everywhere and use this Filling station to turn on all your devices while keeping everything neat and tidy. With slots and ports that can charge up to eight devices at the same time, this station is compatible with Apple and Android devices.

18. Digital timer that helps you manage your time more efficiently

Working in bursts without interruption is a great way to manage your time, and this digital timer is the ideal way to help discipline yourself to do it. With settings from 50 seconds to 99 minutes and an easy-to-read display, it will keep you on track, then give you the much needed rest once the alarm sounds.

19. This Chair is Fun, Bright Color

With a bright tinge of color, this bench add a touch of funky fun to your home workspace. This chair is carved for comfort and has a hole for maximum air flow. A sturdy chrome frame features a caster, so you can roll it anywhere, and the lever lets you adjust it to the height you want. Choose from other fun colors such as silver, red and lime green.

20. These Smart Lights That You Can Control From Your Cellphone

Make the switch to the LED really useful and install this smart lights which you can control through the application on your smartphone, so you can set a schedule, dim it, or brighten it up to 50 feet. You can also connect it to your Google Home device if you want to voice their commands, even though a smart home hub is not required to operate it. Each order comes with two.

21. Extender That Changes One USB Port to 7

If you’ve ever run out of USB ports for all your electronics, this is it USB hub which gives you seven additional ports for you. It’s designed to provide high-speed charging to each connected device, but you can turn each port on and off separately to save power, and the LED lights indicate which port is being used.

22. This Funny Shirt Is Stylish Enough To Zoom In But Suitable Like Loungewear

This loose shirt is a real winner when you want to feel comfortable but still need to look somewhat put together for video calls. Crew neck shirts have bishop sleeves and are made with soft and elastic material that moves when you do it. Achieved in four silent colors.

  • Available sizes: X-small – XX-large
  • Available colors: four

23. This Aromatherapy Diffuser That Adds Instant Relaxation

Add your day’s aromatherapy session with this essential oil diffuser. It boasts a small footprint that is perfect for any space, and nine hours of time will last throughout a long work day. Just add your favorite essential oil mixture to help increase energy and focus or use essential oils that will make you feel cold.

24. Vintage Inspired Table Lamp Comes in 5 Colors

A good design piece can make all the difference in your workspace, and this vintage inspired desk lamp will definitely add a touch of chic old school industry to your space. Made of durable metal, this holder has adjustable arms with angles and touch sensors to turn it on and off. Choose from five colors: mint, lavender, gold, white, and gray.

25. A Wall-Mounted Organizer That Saves Space

Save table space and eliminate clutter in one sweep with this Desk organizer which is easily mounted to your wall. Made of sturdy steel, it features three compartments designed to hold pens, pencils, notebooks, files, paper, and other small items. Plus, mesh construction helps you easily find what you are looking for.

26. Carpet Area That Adds Bright Color To Your Room

Add a bit of cheerful color to your workspace, along with soft comfort, with this carpet low pile area which comes in yellow sunlight, as well as six other colors, such as rust, dark blue, and gray. Made with 100% hand tufted wool, it features a striking geometric design that complements any space.

27. This Scissors Is One Step Above the Rest

After going for years with the same scissors as I went to college, I will never forget how my first revelation was real a pair of scissors. Now you owe it to yourself to get your hands these scissors which has super sharp blades made of stainless steel reinforced titanium, and a soft grip that prevents hand fatigue. Each order comes with two pairs.

28. Kitschy Notepad That Helps You Stay Motivated

Remind yourself how great you are with this 70’s inspired notepad which reads: “I don’t have time to NOT be extraordinary.” (It’s true.) Vertical notepad gives you lots of writing space, and that will get you in a good mood too.

29. Monitor Side Panels That Give You More Space For All Sticky Notes

This memo board clip to the side of your computer monitor, and features a powerful clip that holds up to 30 sheets of paper. This is a great way to store and record reminders at eye level, so you don’t need to open a lot of paper to find what you need.

30. This Compact Organizer For Your Files And Even Your Printer

With a drawer big enough to arrange all your files, here it is compact filing cabinet provide plenty of storage space. It also has a luggage rack for small items, and the top of the cabinet is a great landing place for your printer. Plus, the caster at the bottom lets you roll this cabinet wherever you like.

31. This Basket Is The Perfect Storage Solution For Every Home Office

Very versatile and loaded with industrial charm, this rolling train is the ideal storage solution for home office space. Perfect for repairing all the small supplies that mess up your table, the cart can be rotated so that it sits right by your side. Available in six colors, easily accessible or add extra personality to your space.

32. A Good Table Easel Pad For Brainstorming Sessions

Do the next level brainstorming session with this table easel. It features 20 large sticky notes that you can rip and post on the wall to reflect on your ideas (and the genius that is inherent to you). These things are the biggest things since slicing bread to produce ideas or make flow charts.

33. These Colorful Pens That Will Definitely Increase Your Creativity

Color can play an important role in creating a positive mood, and with this set of colorful pens, You will definitely get an increase in creativity and productivity. This retractable pen is filled with gel ink that dries quickly and has a rubberized handle for easy, stain-free writing. Each set is equipped with 12.

34. This Headband That Will Make Your Video Call Hair Ready

Keeping yourself neat for conference calls can be almost impossible, however this headband make it easy. Made of satin, turban-style headbands can be used to dress your appearance (or hide unwashed hair), and can also be arranged in various shapes such as braids and ponytails.

35. A Pint-sized Fan That Will Ensure That Your Space Is Never Stuffy

With dual speed control and fully adjustable air flow, this table fan offers the best personalized cooling to make you comfortable while you work. Available in four colors – black, pink, white and light blue – compact enough for even the tiniest home workspace, and fan head folds for easy storage.

36. A Cable Clip That Keeps Your Rope From Going Haywire

Much more stylish than your average cable management system triangular shaped cable clips in mint green and cold gray are a great way to tie all your cables. Made of durable rubber, they can be mounted to hard and flat surfaces and will accommodate cables up to 6 millimeters in diameter.

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