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(Source: Google)

Ironically, Google is emission VPN service to protect user privacy.

The VPN will offer a 2TB plan for $9.99 per month for free Google One, The company’s cloud storage service. Soon, the Google One app for Android will display a new feature that can activate the VPN through the user’s smartphone.

The company provides VPN as a security measure to prevent hackers from eavesdropping on users’ unencrypted network traffic when their phones are connected to public Wi-Fi networks. VPN can block potential eavesdropping by encrypting the phone’s Internet connection, thereby disrupting the data flowing into and out of the device.

The company wrote in today’s report: “We have built-in advanced security in all products, and VPNs have extended that security to encrypt all online traffic on your phone, no matter what application or browser you use. ” announcement. “The VPN is built into the Google One app, so you can rest assured that your connection is safe from hacker attacks with just one tap.”

(Source: Google)

However, Google’s decision to provide a VPN will definitely attract people’s attention. After all, the company’s entire business model is to track your Internet activities to deliver relevant ads.

A VPN can also work by transferring the user’s Internet connection to a dedicated server, allowing the VPN provider (Google in this case) to theoretically view all network traffic flowing through the computer.However, Google promises that its customers can make the company operate trustworthy VPN service.

The company wrote in an email: “With the VPN provided by Google One, we will never use a VPN connection to track, record or sell your online activities.” paper About technology. “To ensure the quality of service, some minimal logging was performed, but the network traffic or IP associated with the VPN was never recorded.”

“To show how our design works, we have Open source The code will run on the user’s device, and in the next few months, we will open the source of the server-side user authentication mechanism and provide the results of the currently ongoing third-party audit. ”

The paper went on to detail Google’s VPN technology method, saying that it will provide speeds above 300 Mbps. The document also said that the company hopes to make “VPN technology available to users as much as possible”, which shows that Google has long-term ambitions in the VPN market, which is already full of competition.

The company plans to launch VPN services in the US market first in the next few weeks. It first only works on Google One Android app. But in the next few months, Google plans to expand the VPN service on Google One to more platforms, including iOS, Windows and Mac.

Google One A cheaper monthly storage plan is also available. But currently, the VPN function is only available on 2TB and higher storage plans.

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