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In terms of sound quality and reliability, even in COVID-19, Shure has set industry standards for beginners and professionals.

Audio Products has revealed a new podcast microphone inspired by the legendary SM7B.versus Overall podcast consumption more than doubled During the global pandemic, it may be time to post the podcast you have been sitting on.

Shure’s new MV7 was officially released in mid-November and was praised for its clear, high-quality audio for podcasting, gaming, recording, and real-time streaming at home, in the studio or on the go.

MV7 silver finish $499 RRP

The MV7’s pickup mode focuses only on the human voice by bringing it to the forefront of recording, which is good news for those who record at home or in imperfect environments. The microphone prevents any unwanted background or room noise from interfering with your voice.

MV7_Streamer_Black shure
Shure Black MV7 Streamer

use Shure Now, the company is known for providing audio products for both beginners and professionals. The company makes the design simple, stylish and easy to use.Users can connect via USB or XLR and jump into the motherboard through other built-in control functions ShurePlus MOTIV application, Where they can control the human voice and the distance to the microphone.

shire mic black finish
MV7 black finish $499 RRP

The multiple settings of the microphone can meet multiple needs in settings and audio, so it has been marked as the “main force.” For example, podcasters may want to get close to the microphone, or streamers may need more breathing space-this microphone provides quality sound for both options.

As long as it is a one-stop platform for recording podcasts, whether you are a podcast creator, gamer or content creator playing at home, this new microphone can help you.

Buy the Shure series here.

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