Studies have shown that masks are good and have better ventilation, which can reduce the common danger of indoor incidents | Instant News

Berlin : Masks and number restrictions are important, but good ventilation technology is the most important factor in reducing all risks. coronavirus According to a German study, the advertisement was spread in indoor public events.

The researchers said that the results of this study also hint at the need to control the epidemic in a wider population.

In August, about 1,500 volunteers wearing masks, hand sanitizers and proximity trackers participated in an indoor pop concert in Leipzig to assess how the virus spread in large gatherings.

The researchers simulated three situations with three different audience numbers and social distance standards, and created a computer model of the arena to analyze the aerosol flow from the infected virtual audience.

Stefan Moritz, head of RESTART-19 research at Halle University School of Medicine, said: “The most important discovery for us is that it is important to understand that having good ventilation technology is essential. This is essential for reducing the risk of infection. Is important.”

The study also found that reducing venue capacity and having multiple stage entrances and audience seats may have a significant impact on the number of connections people accumulate.

Its recommendations include only allowing meals in seats, open-air waiting areas, wearing masks during concerts, and hiring waiters to ensure that people comply with hygiene regulations.

Researchers have also developed an epidemiological model to analyze the impact of ongoing events on the spread of the virus in a wider population.

They found that as long as the pandemic continues, hygiene measures such as wearing masks and staying away from social interactions should be maintained, while seating plans and the number of guests should be adjusted according to the incidence of the virus.

Rafael Mikolajczyk of the Institute of Medical Epidemiology at Halle University said: “Events may spread pathogens to promote epidemics, but if you adhere to the hygiene concept, the risk is very low.”

The results of this study have not been peer reviewed.

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