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new New Delhi, October 30 (IANS) Samsung Beyond Huawei Counterpoint Research said in a report on Friday that although the global smartphone market grew by 32% month-on-month, reaching 366 million mobile phones in the third quarter of 2020, it was still the world’s largest smartphone seller in the third quarter of this year.

However, compared with the same period last year, the global smartphone market in the third quarter fell by 4%.

Compared with the second quarter, the recovery in the third quarter was driven by all major markets, such as the United States, India, and Latin America, which gradually returned to normal due to loose lock-in conditions.

“Easy lockdown conditions in all major markets have paved the way for exports and imports, thereby simplifying the supply chain again. Moreover, the pent-up demand due to the lockdown has helped the smartphone market on a recovery track,” Counterpoint Research Deputy Director Tarun Pathak said in a statement.

Samsung once again won the championship with shipments of 79.8 million units, an increase of 47% month-on-month and 2% year-on-year.

According to Counterpoint data, this is Samsung’s highest shipment volume in the past three years.

Driven by new models such as Note 20 and the A series, the company managed to recover in markets including India, Western Europe and Latin America.

In India, driven by the success of the M series, Samsung surpassed Xiaomi to become the number one player.

Huawei ranks second in the global market, but it shows a downward trend, with its share dropping from 20% in the second quarter to 14% in the third quarter.

Realme’s shipments increased by 132% month-on-month, the strongest growth momentum among the world’s major original equipment manufacturers.

Xiaomi increased by 75% from the previous quarter and reached 13% in the current quarter. It is worth noting that this is also the first time that Xiaomi has surpassed Apple and won the third place in the global smartphone market.

Apple’s iPhone shipments in the third quarter fell by 7% year-on-year because the company delayed its annual iPhone release from the third quarter to the fourth quarter.

Counterpoint said that with the launch of the 5G-driven iPhone 12 series, Apple’s performance will rebound in the fourth quarter.

OPPO ranked fifth in the global smart phone market, occupying an 8% market share in the third quarter.

Driven by the strong performance of the 8 series and northern regions in major markets such as India and Western Europe, OnePlus’ mobile phone business grew by 2% year-on-year and 96% month-on-month.

According to the report, due to China’s strong performance, Huawei has promoted more than 40% of total 5G shipments.

“5G shipments continue to grow (82% quarter-on-quarter). Interestingly, 5G shipments in the third quarter surpassed the overall shipments in the first half of 2020. This growth is the rapid surge from 5G equipment to below US$300 Driven by the price of China, including products from Huawei, vivo, OPPO, Xiaomi and OnePlus.” Research analyst Aman Chaudhary said.

Affordable 5G equipment will drive this market segment in the coming quarters, especially in China. In addition, with the launch of the iPhone 12 series in the fourth quarter, Apple will become the key to driving 5G sales growth in markets such as the United States, Canada and Western Europe. “


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