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Samsung is launching a service to help Galaxy gadget owners find their gear when they are lost.Called SmartThings lookupThis feature allows users to not only find their Samsung smartphones, but also all Galaxy brand tablets, smart watches and earplugs they own, thus expanding the functionality of Samsung’s “Find My Phone” application.

SmartThings Find, which has been tried in the US, UK and Korea before last month, But Samsung said the feature is now “ready for global release” (and also pointed out that access permissions “may vary by market and operator”).

In addition to these uncertainties, we know that SmartThings Find uses a combination of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Ultra Wideband (UWB) services to locate devices, and it can be used on hardware running Android 8 or higher. After users register for the service, even if they are not connected to any mobile network, they can use SmartThings Find to track Galaxy gadgets. (Although Samsung did not specify whether the service is applicable to devices that have been powered off.)

The SmartThings Find application will show users the location of their device on a map, similar to similar services such as Apple’s Find My software. Once the user is close enough, they can command the device to “ring” to help find it, or use the augmented reality feature, Samsung said, “As you get closer to the device, it will display color graphics with increasing intensity.” You can watch a short video about how it works below:

Samsung said the service will be launched globally starting this week as an update for Galaxy smartphones and tablets running Android 8 or higher. Currently, the service is limited to Galaxy devices, but Samsung said that starting from “early next year”, SmartThings Find will also be able to locate any “tracking tags”, presumably referring to the company’s SmartThings LTE tracker, Launched in 2018. This will extend the service’s ability to search for any items or objects that contain tags.

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