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Yuan Zhen shock, This is a popular open world RPG on gacha, which can be played on the following platforms PS5 Through backward compatibility. The upcoming version 1.1 update is called “Rising Stars”, which will add next-generation compatibility features, as well as brand new missions-including the six-leaf stage of the main storyline-and four new playable characters. “Rising Stars” will be released on November 11.

Among these new roles, two are five-star, including Childe and Zhongli. Childe is a sailor archer who can switch between ranged attacks and melee attacks. Zhongli is a Geo ordnance that can cause damage in a large area, provide strong defense capabilities, and petrify the enemy. The other two new characters, Xinyan and Diona, are four-star, and there is very little news about the pair. Judging from the character images, Xinxin seems to have suffered a music-based attack in its armory.


The new reputation system will also be part of the update. Travelers can build prestige for each city they travel to, and then get rewards, such as regional unique items and personalized customization.

Players can also visit Genshin Impact’s first seasonal event, Unreconciled Stars. The terrible disaster facing Tivat has become the center stage, and players will challenge the crisis through new tasks and cooperation challenges. New rewards can be obtained, including the 4-star character Fischl.

In her For GameSpot, Heidi Kemps rated the game 7/10. She commented: “Overall, Genshin Impact is a solid game, but it is limited due to the restrictions imposed by its free game model. The overall production value is high, and the core game performance is also high. Especially. Yes, the element interaction system is full of fun and gives the game a unique personality.”

Genshin’s influence can be played for free on Android, iOS, PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. PS5 After the next-generation console is released, users can also play gacha games on November 12.

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