Nintendo Switch has launched the angry video game Nerd 1 + II Deluxe | Instant News

James Rolfe has transformed “Angry Nintendo Nerd” into “Angry Video Game Nerd” and changed the industry of online video content. Since then, AVGN characters have appeared in two games-now, after they appeared on PC and 3DS in PC form and 3DS form before, they entered Switch. AVGN 1 + II Deluxe Edition. These 8-bit inspired action platforms combine Mega Mega blasting and precision platform design. Both the first and second games are great, but the second game has smoother controls, and now the first game will benefit from this because it has been rebuilt in this engine.

Both games have become more humane, adding normal and easy difficulties, and also bring you unlimited life. In terms of dangers, some modifications were made at these stages to reduce prices and make them more fair. If you want something like before, just follow the Old School difficulty level. Respawn is faster, and new content will be added when you beat two games at the same time. AVGN I + II Deluxe is only $15 and offers many features at a lower price.

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