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Motorola launched The second foldable Razr phone Recently, this version has been unlocked, not only Verizon. If you decide to go to the Amazon listing to pick up the little boy from Moto, you may notice a strange warning. The mobile phone’s “open” shipping configuration may cause damage during transportation, so Amazon is opening all boxes to turn the phone over to the closed state. During this process, Amazon employees may obtain fingerprints on your “new” phone.

This is the complete notice published on the official Amazon product list.

Note: RAZR was originally shipped in the expanded position. However, in order to better protect the display, we fold your RAZR-safer, but the appearance may not be as elegant as we hoped. If you see fingerprints on your device, we apologize. We assure you that your RAZR is brand new.

Like all foldable phones, Razr’s screen is its most vulnerable component. Thanks to the plastic top layer, even Samsung’s foldable “ultra-thin glass” is easily scratched. This is just the reality of current foldable phones. Strangely, Motorola will design a box to expose the display. Granted, the box looks really cool (see below), but the big plastic screen is just begging for dents and scratches.

We contacted Motorola and this is the answer we got.

Motorola packs new shavers in a closed form at the factory level. After the equipment leaves our facility, it will not be reopened. Motorola has strict requirements for the handling of gloves and sanitary procedures, and also stipulates a shipping agreement to provide an excellent out-of-the-box experience. As with all products, we will continue to monitor closely and make other adjustments as needed to provide the best consumer experience.

Therefore, the “us” in Amazon’s listing is Motorola itself. It packs the phone in the factory with the phone cover closed, so no retailer has to open and reseal the box. This is just a poorly worded notice on the Amazon page. Moto also said that employees who turned off their phones were wearing gloves, so it’s not clear why fingerprints were even mentioned when listing on Amazon. Therefore, the Razr box looks a bit deformed, but you don’t have to worry about Amazon employees reaching out to the new phone. However, Motorola has not resolved whether a damaged Razrs has been found during transportation in an open configuration. I certainly want to know what prompted this packaging change.

This article has been updated with Motorola’s comments.

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