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With Halloween approaching, the Epic Games Store’s Thursday rotation introduced some new free games in time. If you plan to sit outside and spend time at home this year, Epic Games can meet your requirements.If you keep up A few weeks ago, You may already have some great options for Halloween.However, the more the better, so this week you can catch Blair Witch with Ghostbusters: video game remake.But please note that if you play Blair Witch, You may still not want to leave home. You can apply for these games immediately, but if you are delayed due to holidays, be sure to apply for these games before 11 a.m. Eastern Time on November 6th.

Blair Witch It is a psychological horror game of Bloober Team, adapted from a popular movie in the 90s. You will play the role of the troubled former policeman Ellis, looking for a mysteriously missing boy. I think you can guess what happened here. During the search, you begin to find strange signs in the woods related to the mysticism of the witch. Soon, you will become the hunted, and this kind of walk in the woods in the park is no longer a walk. In fact, you are more likely to run.

Afraid of closing your eyes, afraid of opening your eyes

Fortunately, the game contains a sense of redemption. You will see a friendly, furry companion. This version of the game also includes good boy combinations, which can promote your best friends. You can pet the dog and ask for at least a brief comfort. Things will become very intense, part of which has to do with the realism of the game. Blair Witch Came out last year, So it has a good visual effect. User reviews are great, so if you can handle the worries and chills, you can choose one for free.


You know who plays free games

Ghostbusters: video game remake of course 2009 original title. This is in stark contrast to the tone of other free games available on the Epic Games Store, because you need to do some hunting yourself. In this game, ghosts also play a role, rather than an outright terrorist entity. They will be challenging, but you will also get some laughter and nostalgia while enjoying the personality of the original troublemaker team.

The master of re-production has done a good job of raising things to the standard, I see the atmosphere of Telltale’s art style Ghostbusters. Although it is stupid and interesting, it is great to see that this series continues.Actually you can grab some Ghostbusters skin now at Fort night If you want to shake the style elsewhere.

That’s it for this week’s free games on the Epic Games Store, but you can expect War Game: Red Dragon next week. This is the RTS title of the 20th century, with characteristics of navy, armor and air combat. Next week, we will dive into more details.

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