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This is a warning to all Call of duty cheaters out there! Infinity Ward recently released a series of new game updates that focus on removing cheat games in Warzone and Modern Warfare. If you are caught by fellow gamers and report your profile to the game, COD. will send a notification in the game to the person who reports you saying you are now banned from playing.

This is how Call of Duty punishes cheaters in the game

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COD Cheaters vs Cheaters: This is How Warzone and Modern Warfare Punish You

From today, all players Modern Warfare and Warzone can now report cheats they will encounter. Recently announcement Infinity Ward, developer of Call of Duty sthe “additional special security update” help will be immediately applied to the game to protect other players from cheating.

Over the past few weeks, Call of duty has been filled with thousands cheat game. In fact, Infinity Ward claims that the game has banned more than 70,000 con artists from Warzone. This high number does not even include cheating in Modern Warfare. Other players also ask for help from developers so that they are banned COD the player who applies the cheat.

“We treat all forms of fraud very seriously, maintaining a level and playing field that is fair to everyone is one of our top priorities. This is an area that we work on heavily, but that is not always something we discuss publicly,” said Activision. in a blog post last month.

How does the anti-cheat feature work?

COD Cheaters vs Cheaters: This is How Warzone and Modern Warfare Punish You

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COD Cheaters vs Cheaters: This is How Warzone and Modern Warfare Punish You

According to announcement from Infinity Ward, matchmaking updates from people suspected of cheating the game will be implemented immediately. This means that once the cheater is banned from playing the game, the other con artists who will join him will be paired with them and fight in one fight – changing the cheater vs swindler feature.

To ensure fairness for all COD players, the developers also promised to increase resources for the enforcement team, among others, to help get rid of all the cheats that would be reported in the game.

Infinity Ward also plans to introduce the “report-a-player function,” through killcam mode and the audience at a later date, providing additional avenues to highlight suspicious activity.

Additional security measures are expected to be implemented in the coming weeks Warzone and Modern WarfareA multi-million player base, which is currently among the fastest growing community on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

This is what other players think about updates

After the new update was announced by Infinity Ward, other players and Twitter fans of the game were said to be very interested in seeing the multiplayer ‘cheater vs cheater’ game soon.

However, others want game developers to be more careful in labeling cheaters with non-cheaters because other players only have to report them to be banned from the game.

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