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Xiaomi has announced the release of a new software update for its PatchWall UI. The PatchWall 3.0 release brings some UI improvements, deeper integration with Disney + Hotstar and several new content partners to further enhance the content library for Mi TV users in India. PatchWall 3.0 will be available on Mi TV 4A, Mi TV 4C Pro, Mi TV 4A Pro, Mi TV 4 Pro, Mi TV 4X, and Mi TV 4X Pro.

Xiaomi PatchWall 3.0 for Mi TV Goes Official in India

Third installment of Xiaomi In-house content services bring cleaner animations, new Mi Lanting Pro fonts and even add horizontal scrolling to the user interface for easy navigation. Specifically, Xiaomi hasn’t added a new language to the package. PatchWall 3.0 UI still offers support for 13 languages ‚Äč‚Äčcategorized in 9 categories.

New content partner

Xiaomi has partnered with Disney + Hotstar, Docubay and Lattu Kids to improve the content library. That PatchWall 3.0 introduces special sports channels, which in accordance with Xiaomi offer easy content discovery and offers one-click play options for sports content. If you are a sports fan, PatchWall 3.0 will allow you to stream tournaments that take place in various sports such as Kabaddi, Tennis, Cricket, and others on one single channel.

Docubay is a special documentary channel that will allow viewers to stream international documentaries on various topics. Lattu Kids is a special channel for children to offer more than 1,500 hours of content suitable for children. With this new addition, PatchWall 3.0 now has 20+ content partners.

Enhanced Visual Experience

Xiaomi mentioned that PatchWall 3.0 puts a great deal of pressure on the user interface to improve the ability to find content and offer a cleaner TV experience. Browsing animations for merry-go-rounds have been redesigned to highlight ‘Current Choices’. The Mi Lanting Pro font has been integrated from MIUI 11 to improve typography.

Zero screen on PatchWall 3.0 has been reworked to place content higher than the input tab. This also allows horizontal scrolling through different lists. The horizontal design language will also be visible on the event details page. The new PatchWall also enhances Mi List to offer curated listings of films and TV shows from different genres.

Availability of Xiaomi PatchWall 3.0

Xiaomi PatchWall 3.0 is now available for download TV Mi in India. The new UI will be available for Mi TV 4A, Mi TV 4C Pro, Mi TV 4A Pro, Mi TV 4 Pro, Mi TV 4X, and Mi TV 4X Pro.

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