NSW offers 300,000 interest-free loans for Tesla or Sonnen batteries. | Instant News

The NSW government has created a new one Home Empowerment Program. Under this program, the state will offer financial incentives for 300,000 homes which add to the storage of home batteries.

Starting with pilots in the Hunter Territory, homeowners throughout the state will now be able to access solar power and batteries like never before.

Residents who install batteries with Natural Solar will be able to choose from Tesla or sonnen battery for their household, based on their specific requirements.

An interest-free loan of up to $ 14,000 for a solar battery system (can be paid back over a period of up to 8 years), or up to $ 9,000 for the addition of a battery to an existing solar system (paid back under various conditions for up to 10 years). To be eligible, you must:

  • stay in one this zip code in the Hunter region
  • has a household income of no more than $ 180,000 per year
  • own your home that is connected to the network, live in it and have the authority to install the system
  • meet loan criteria.

Natural Solar, which installed the first Tesla Powerwall worldwide 4 years ago, said there has been a huge increase in demand for solar battery systems since COVID-19 and a surge in demand since the pilot was announced.

This is very much based on energy efficiency, people have more independence from the electricity grid and know that they can reduce their bills – especially with household electricity bills which are expected to increase as more people work from home.

It is estimated that households can save $ 2,000 per year on their energy bills, and clean around $ 250 per year after loan repayments.

The first installation under this program has just occurred at the Wells household in the Hunter Territory.

Personally, I am very surprised at how much power I can produce from a 6.5kW system and 5kW inverter, even when working from home. Living in Victoria (new), I saw a program like this and thought our decision not to add batteries might be different if it was available here.


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