Verizon’s Android 10 update for Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 comes with two unpleasant surprises | Instant News

Before Samsung came out with a giant Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7 Plus, the last is is expected to be released in a 5G-enabled variant besides the Wi-Fi-only and 4G-LTE models that are capable, the company can’t just leave the high-end last year Tab S6 behind from the point of view of software support.

While updates do come with lots of cool new things, such as the Smart Reply function, Voice Booster, “real-time transcription for the world around you” with Live Transcripts, and much better motion navigation, we can’t say that we’re very impressed with a security patch level March 2020. After all, April is almost over, and Verizon has no problem baking the latest security patches in An Android 10 update is sent to the mid-range Galaxy A50 handset early this week.
What’s even stranger is that the largest wireless service provider in the country seems to bring Samsung One’s UI to version 2.0 in its Galaxy Tab S6 derivations, unlike only Wi-Fi-European and LTE-enabled models that have jumped directly to One UI 2.1. It is unclear whether Big Red plans to launch an iteration 2.1 of the user interface released in 2018 in a future update, although it might be wise not to increase your expectations.
For what value, the best One UI feature 2.1 all about the flexibility of the active camera Galaxy Note 10 and the S10 series handset, which does not fully translate well into a 10.5-inch tablet. Then again, it would be nice to see the Quick Share and Music Share functions added to Verizon’s Galaxy Tab S6.

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