Dr. Tower Goomba, a truly legitimate professional, will visit Dr. Mario World | Instant News

Dr. Mario World is adding characters that are very real and clearly not made up for the list of star doctors. World, say hello to Dr. Goomba Tower, can be played starting April 26, 11 PM PST:

* Angry mushroom sounds *

Good doctors assure us that they are actually licensed professionals and not just three Goombas in lab coats. Yes, Dr. Goomba Tower is finally here to cure what makes you sick. While his bedside attitude has been criticized by the medical council in the past – patients don’t seem to enjoy being treated by doctors who scream and bite them – no one can question their medical intelligence. Some say that they have the mental abilities of three different mushrooms combined.

Dr. Tower Goomba faced a plague that … disrupted the Mushroom Kingdom by going above and beyond the call of duty. During their virology / improvisation training, they learn that the key to overcoming enemies is to get into their heads. Look at their latest technique:

Goomba Stack


Dr. Tower Goomba will also have a new one Dr. Mario World the stage where they can treat patients. Even though you have to navigate the minefields of culture bottles, biological waste, and viruses, it will be worth visiting with the famous medical genius (es?). Be sure to make an appointment first, because a doctor is needed. Also make sure to do some preliminary research on whether your insurance policy is accepted, because the Cheep-Cheep Receptionist is known for being poor at work.

Side effects may include dizziness, abdominal pain, leg cramps, mustache, shrinkage, loss of hat, mamma mia, running out of control, and Frog Settings. Don’t seek treatment from Dr. Goomba Tower if you have a fungus, penicillin, or chestnut allergy. If you suffer from severe symptoms, please get medical treatment from a better doctor, like Baby Daisy.

Baby Daisy

His coat is yellow because he’s a pediatrician.


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