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Apple in iOS 14 It is planning to introduce a new application tracking transparency feature that will notify users when the company wants to track users across applications and websites.the following Developer’s strong protest For example, Facebook and advertising networks are not prepared for changes, Apple Postpone implementation The anti-tracking function will not be available until early 2021.

Eight civil society organizations recently sent a letter [PDF] Apple expressed disappointment with the delay of this feature. Today, Apple issued a strong wording to confirm its commitment to App Tracking Transparency.

Apple said it is also concerned about tracking users without their consent and bundling and reselling its data through ad networks. Apple believes that tracking across multiple company-owned applications and websites and data sold by data brokers can be “intrusive” and “horrifying.”

Generally, information about you is collected on an application or website owned by a company, and then combined with information separately collected by other companies for targeted advertising and advertising evaluation. Sometimes, your data is even aggregated and resold by data brokers, which are third parties that you neither know about nor interact with.

Facebook and other ad networks complain about Apple’s anti-tracking efforts Is anti-competitive with Will affect small businesses. Apple said that this does not object to the reasonable collection of user data, but hopes to authorize customers to make their own choices about the collected data and how to use it.

In a statement, Apple seemed to directly address Facebook’s complaints about the impact of small businesses. Apple said that privacy-respecting advertising was a standard before the development of the Internet.

Advertising that respects privacy is not only feasible, but also a standard before the development of the Internet. Some companies that have never hoped to implement ATT have stated that the policy imposes a unique burden on small businesses by restricting advertising options, but in fact, the current data arms race mainly benefits from large companies with large data sets. In the past decade or so, before unconstrained data collection began to emerge, privacy-centric advertising networks were the universal standard for advertising.

After emphasizing its privacy policy, Apple directly further called for Facebook’s advertising practices in the letter.

In contrast, Facebook and other companies have very different positioning methods. Not only do they allow users to be grouped into smaller segments, they also use detailed data about online browsing activity to target ads. Facebook executives have made it clear that their intention is to collect as much data as possible between first-party and third-party products in order to develop and utilize their detailed user profiles for profit, and the disregard for user privacy continues to expand to include more products.

Apple’s complete letter can be read below, and this letter concludes with Apple’s desire to implement App Tracking Transparency. However, there is no timetable when the feature will be released.

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