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it is good, League of legends Fans – multiplayer game The final champion of this year was announced.The newest champion called Rell MOBA games Officially announced by Riot Games, as well as her abilities and background-she is a “stubborn supporter”, “in every battle is full of storms of steel”. neat.

Rell is also known as Iron Maiden, and she has an impressive roster of championship abilities, including W, divided into two different parts. Riot said on Twitter that the first of them-W1-Cruel: Crash-saw Rell (when mounted) “leaped and turned his mount into heavy armor, obtained a huge shield, which lasted until it was destroyed or renewed Until boarding”. “When landing, she shot down nearby enemies. Rell can drop her E and R during the change.”

As for the second part, when armored, Rael rushed forward, turning the armor into an impressive metal mount, which gave her a fast movement speed-and when she next attacked, she “came towards the target Charge to cause extra damage and turn it over her shoulders.” w

The new champions Q (Smashing Strike), E (Attraction and Repulsion), R (Electromagnetic Storm) and Passive (Breaking the Deadlock) also revolve around Rell’s role as an “all-metal equipmentist”, such as Riot Describe her In the Champion Insights post.

The studio said: “The magic of Rael was born in the agent of “Black Rose” and a warrior named Noxon. His magic was manifested at a very young age. It is an extremely rare iron. Body or metal manipulation form.” She continued to be sent to “Magic Kids Academy and became Noxus’ weapon.”

However, “As she defeated other students and became stronger and stronger, they began to disappear. Her life was torn apart, like the instructor tearing magic from their bodies and implanting them into their ultimate weapon Same in Rell.” Drank

You can use the tweets above and below to see how to incorporate it into her abilities and play style (and the cool Champ-Meets-Justing-Knight method she used in the game preview clips).

Game designer Stash “Riot Stashu” Chelluck explained to the developer post: “I want Rell to be the most clumsy tank in the history of the world.” “My thought is that a heavily armored character will hide what she is walking. The ground causes the ground below her to collapse. Unfortunately, this is difficult to show in the league, and I still need to make sure that she feels like she is manipulating metal thematically. I’m always looking to map the ferromanganese abilities into the game The ingenious way to really make her feel powerful and heavy but not like a mage.”

Rell will be livestreamed on December 9th with the Live-action League of Legends patch 10.25 (the last one of the year). However, this update will start to affect the game’s PBE before then, so please keep checking because once it reaches the test server, we will record everything you want to know.Also be sure to check our League of Legends patch 10.24 notes To learn about upcoming games this week.

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