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nIntent’s flagship product for 2020 is “Hyruul Warriors: The Age of Disaster” – a combination of “Dynasty Warriors” and “The Legend of Zelda”, which is a shocking prequel to 2016 Breath of the Wild, Although the game style is completely different. No climbing or exploration, no communication with magic and nature. On the contrary, everything is related to action. Link and his compatriots used swords, magic, bows, hammers and the occasional spoon to cut thousands of bad guys.

The original “Hyrule Warriors” is more like a love letter to the “Legend of Zelda”, and “Age of Disaster” directly improves its smooth, stylish art direction and visual language from “Breath of the Wild”. The menus, sound effects, in-game models and overall appearance are a pleasing imitation, and it is also very attractive in itself. In this dynamic new environment, after familiar locations, characters, objects, and musical themes are redeployed, returnees who return to this particular Hyrule will be excited.

The game is about this war. This war caused Hyrule to fall 100 years before the start of Breath of the Wild. The slashing game of Dynasty Warriors is very suitable. As you run on the map, you will extinguish hundreds of unfortunate minions in order to knock down the resisted enemies or occupy the outposts. When you undermine their health benchmark, higher-level enemies pose a greater challenge, with the goal of either breaking the defense at a fragile moment or counterattack with magical power.

It sounds simple, but it’s so fun to have a full battle with you and your allies. Your allies have caused serious damage. When you plow in the long quarrel in the game, the enemies are flying in the air. The surprisingly huge roster of playable characters is waiting to be unlocked, and each of them has enough combat methods and visual talents to reduce the duplication between endless tribes.

Although some small tactical problems do arise in the battle-you can order allied characters to various locations on the battlefield and control them as needed-the strategy is in the back row. From the familiar world map of “Breath of the Wild”, you can deploy to a full-scale battle to build a story, or you can deploy to smaller missions, which will allow you to get the loot needed to improve your loot and abilities. It was a simple but effective loop that allowed me to play for a long time after the points were deposited, or at least until my thumb started to ache from the buttons.

Also interesting is the game’s Avengers-style ensemble story, which expands with the instantaneous expansion of the characters, only hinted at in “Breath of the Wild” – Reddit scholars will spend a day on the scene, analyzing the game’s cutscenes Every subtle aspect, and the normativeness of everything is debated. Turret shooters are less entertaining, and you can control huge (and slow) beasts in it. Although they are somewhat diverse, they are relatively simple, and they don’t look particularly good: sometimes it is difficult to see what is being shot.

Hyrule Warriors: Screenshot of Nintendo Switch in the Age of Disaster Photo: Nintendo

The era of disasters shocked people with graphics: the scenery suddenly appeared in the field of vision, and there were obviously inferior textures everywhere, although the impressionist art style could alleviate this situation. In terms of performance, considering the large amount of content on the screen, this is admirable, but when it starts adding visual effects to the mix, especially in the powerful but creepy two-player game mode, it will change Need to be distracting. What’s more annoying is that the camera tends to get stuck on walls and other objects in a smaller environment, which can have catastrophic consequences when fighting a huge enemy and can produce snooze loading times.

But “Age of Disaster” is a strange and interesting beast that pays tribute to the incredible game and at the same time is happy to do its own thing. Carrying a scythe through thousands of the same bad guys may not be the most complex fantasy of power, but the fascinating rhythm of fierce battles and constantly achieved miniature goals ensures that it is definitely a fun game, so much so that only a painful thumb I can’t play more.

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