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For months, Microsoft has been proudly discussing the features of its Xbox Series X console. The technology inside has been thoroughly studied to ensure that it is “the most powerful game console in the world,” and there is even news that the company is waiting for a specific AMD technology to give it a mysterious advantage on the PS5. On paper, Xbox Series X looks more powerful than PS5. But in fact, early game testing showed that the performance of PS5 is better than Microsoft’s game console.

Digital casting I have been analyzing many new games on PS5 and Xbox Series X, and the results are surprising. Xbox Series X’s GPU performance is 12 teraflops, compared to 10.28 teraflops on PS5, so most onlookers expect the gap between consoles to be small. Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox also has a higher level of memory bandwidth and more computing units, but Sony provides developers with fewer computing units running at variable (and higher) clock frequencies to extract more from the PS5. Good performance.

Xbox Series X leads slightly in 4K and ray tracing performance modes on Devil May Cry 5In some cases, the high frame rate mode runs much better on the PS5, and the frame rate gap between the two systems exceeds 40fps. “This decline is really weird to me, it hints to me some kind of API limitation on the Xbox side, in this case the GPU is blocked by something,” Digital casting Editor Richard Leadbetter.

These sudden drops are important because a sudden drop means more trembling or stuttering to the player. Variable refresh rate display can help you solve this problem, but if the drop is large, you will still feel any change in frame rate.

Devil May Cry 5 It also provides a ray tracing quality mode, in which Xbox Series X does not show a clear lead. “I really don’t have any technical explanation for this, except that you get the feeling that the smart move with regards to the PlayStation 5 specifications is overtaking its weight, and the Xbox has some problems-it should be at least much ahead on paper. , “Leadbetter in Digital casting analysis.

Elsewhere, Microsoft and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Therefore, whenever you see it in a TV commercial for promotion, it will be displayed alongside the next-generation Xbox console. You might hope that the Xbox Series X is the best place to play this new game on the console, but the performance of PS5 surpasses again. Digital casting Find Xbox Series X version Valhalla Includes many screen tears and regular tilts below 60fps. The PS5 version seems to run more smoothly. The variable freshness rate does make up for the screen cracking problem that appears on Xbox Series X, but you need a modern TV to support it.

Xbox Series X Also behind PS5 image quality and resolution Dirt 5. The PS5 version (in image quality mode) has better texture filtering and a higher average resolution. Under the target performance mode of 120fps, the level of detail of PS5 is much higher than that of Xbox SeriesX. Said it will be repaired In the upcoming patch. Since the performance mode on the PS5 has higher textures, the performance is higher than the frequency at which the Xbox Series X drops below 120fps, but without Codemasters to fix the difference in the level of detail, it is difficult to compare the two modes. Either way, the variable refresh rate on Xbox Series X can help smooth the gaming experience, but it’s not actually needed.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War It also demonstrates the differences between these Show advantage For Xbox Series X, its ray tracing performance is high, but Microsoft’s console lags behind in 120fps mode. Black Ops Cold War Shadows that include ray tracing are not as demanding as ray tracing reflections, but they increase the depth of the scene. In some scenes with ray tracing, PS5 drops to 40fps, while Xbox Series X maintains 60fps.

All these comparisons show that, in most cases, the performance of Xbox Series X does not exceed PS5, and it is usually Sony’s game console that is in the leading position. Some of these differences may be caused by errors, but I have been talking with developers (hope to remain anonymous) about the Xbox Series X development environment, and obviously things are a bit complicated.

After providing updates to its Game Developer Kit (GDK), Microsoft only allowed developers to submit Xbox Series X-certified games in June. Prior to this, the company’s development kit distribution schedule was quite tight, and I have been hearing that many developers can get the PS5 development kit before the Xbox version.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X console.

Developers always need time to adapt to the new software and tools involved in creating games for the next generation console. A developer told me that it has always been troublesome for Microsoft to switch to GDK for basic operations such as user profile switching or gamepad linking.

Since Xbox One, Microsoft has spent several years improving the state of its tools, which is a messy release period for developers. Nevertheless, I always hear that Sony’s tools are excellent, even on the basis of providing clearer documentation for developers.

However, not all developers are still used to GDK.The team behind Dirt 5 Praise Microsoft’s GDK before the release of Xbox Series X. David Springate, Technical Director of Codemasters, said: “We started to lay the foundation for Xbox Series X development before we got the hardware.” As early as June. “Xbox’s thinking allows us to truly grasp the opportunities for next-generation development, so after receiving our early Xbox Series X hardware, we can get up and running quickly.”

These performance gaps, strange bugs, and differences between the Xbox Series X and PS5 versions of the game seem to be game-related issues, not Xbox platform issues. If Microsoft provides development kits and tools much later than Sony, then the creator may need more time to further optimize the Xbox. This can also explain why we didn’t see a lot of Xbox Series X gameplay in the months before the release, but Sony is happy to provide PS5 gameplay on a regular basis.

Expect to see many game patches in any one way.The program manager is correcting Dirt 5And I understand that Ubisoft is developing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Patch for Xbox Series X to improve gameplay. Microsoft also worked with developers to resolve the issue, and in a statement acknowledged the comparison video, edge.

A Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement: “We are aware of performance issues in some optimized titles on Xbox Series X|S, and are actively working with partners to identify and resolve issues to ensure the best experience.” edge. “When we started the new generation of consoles, our partners were just getting in touch with what the next generation of consoles can do, and as they learn how to make the most of our new platform, we are expected to fix some minor bugs. We are eager for the future Continue to work with developers to further explore the features of Xbox Series X|S.”

Microsoft has not explained why it is waiting for AMD to provide full RDNA 2 support for Xbox Series X. Phil Spencer, CEO of Xbox Reveal to edge Recently, Microsoft started producing game consoles in late summer. Spencer said: “We are a bit late than our competitors because we are waiting for certain AMD technologies to be used in the chip.”

Obviously, the Xbox Series X situation is very hot, but the PS5 release has not yet variable refresh rate support to help eliminate any frame rate issues. These features and overall performance play a vital role on these consoles because it affects the way we all experience games created by developers. Compared with PS4, it has been difficult for Xbox One to reach 1080p as soon as possible. Although this time the difference is not very big, it will obviously take months or even years to determine how the next generation of consoles will change the way the game is played.

Microsoft may have beaten its treasure chest, about 12 teraflops and “the most powerful console in the world”, but it has not yet been implemented. Nevertheless, I understand that Microsoft is still very confident that due to the comprehensive RDNA2 support and mature developer tools, Xbox will show larger and more obvious performance improvements over time.

However, it is still unclear what exactly the “full support of RDNA2” will bring. Microsoft has yet to elaborate on why it is waiting for AMD or why the full RDNA2 is important.This is when AMD is still working on its supersampling technology, which is expected to improve the frame rate of ray tracing, and Can be used on Xbox Series X.

Ultimately, the important thing is the game. Microsoft’s release lineup relies heavily on third-party games, which do not support its performance requirements. Xbox Series X has always been excellent in terms of backward compatibility, accessibility and accessory support, but Microsoft still needs to provide more games from Xbox Game Studio in order to truly take advantage of the console’s functions.

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