Pirate RPG Greedfall will get PS5/Xbox Series X update with new content | Instant News

The fall of greed A huge success, now the developer Spiders hopes to upgrade the game for the next generation of consoles. Greedfall will receive updates for PS5 and Xbox Series X, including new content.

In a tweet, the official Greedfall account announced that the game will enter the next generation after selling more than 1 million copies.This is an important milestone for the game, it is so successful that it Greatly increase the profit of the publisher Focus Interactive.

The game is a pirate-centric action role-playing game, currently available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.The developer did Technical experts.

Whether the next-generation version will be a free upgrade version for existing owners is unclear, but this has become the standard for most games during the transition period. It is unclear whether Xbox One and PS4 owners will receive this new content, or whether it is the next generation of dedicated content.

The King of Greed gains 5/10 Reviews on GameSpot. Critic Khee Hoon Chan said: “Because Greedfall has a clever attitude towards its colonial themes, and because it is so close to the open world RPG template and played a security role, it is not inspiring at all.”

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