After 40 people signed COVID-19 contracts, the funeral in Texas became a “super spreader” event | Instant News

A woman in Hill County said that her mother’s funeral was a “super spreader” incident.

A funeral videotape held at the Hillsborough funeral hall earlier this month showed people crowding every bench.

Delynda Cruz said she was one of the people who fell ill, but she still does basic work at home. She said that dozens of people in the Yiguan were also sick.

On Sunday, November 8, a video of Marshall & Marshall’s boro ceremonial hall in Hillsboro was broadcast live on their Facebook page. The video showed more than 100 people attending the funeral.

According to family members, there are now more than 40 people who have internally tested positive for COVID-19.

Cruz said: “So we absolutely hope that others will learn from mistakes we don’t know.”

Cruz is the daughter of Nancy Kaddatz, who died recently. She said that her mother was loved by many people, which led to many people showing up. Two days later, Cruz felt sick.

She recalled: “I felt chills on Tuesday night.” “Then I got a little fever on Wednesday morning.”

Cruz said that now, at least 42 people are serving, including her siblings, all infected with the coronavirus. The age range of the sick is 3 to 90 years old.

She said: “Knowing that I could have been the one for my 90-year-old aunt is scary.” “Or I could be the one dedicated to the three-year-old, or I could be the one for my cousin. The one who fights for life.”

The Yiguan can operate at 75% of its production capacity.

The funeral directors of Marshall and Marshall told FOX 4 that they will not answer any of our questions.

Hill County Judge Justin Lewis told FOX 4 that he advised people to postpone indoor funeral services and have a “constructive dialogue” with the He Yiguan.

Cruz said her family hoped that others would learn from its decision. She said that most people wore masks during the service, but the video showed no social mediation.

Cruz said that some people took off their masks outside and put on family portraits. She said at least 12 people in the family photos below have tested positive.

Now, as the holidays approach, usually during celebrations, Cruz’s family is trying to become healthy.

Cruz said that the Texas Department of Health Services has been in contact with some of her family members and is tracking contacts related to the incident.

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