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The countdown to Christmas has begun, and this year’s shopping experience will be very different. We have compiled a gift guide that includes inspiration for some of the best local businesses in Lincolnshire.

This has been a difficult year for small businesses, especially non-essential stores, which have already faced two shutdowns, so they are counting on a harvest festival.

Their uniqueness sets them apart from the streets and alleys, so if you are looking for a unique gift, check out these ideas.

All budgets provide exquisite gifts for children, moms and dads, grandparents; suitable for food lovers, gardeners, beauty lovers, fashionistas and cunning people.

And, since some shoppers want to avoid busy streets when the store reopens on December 3, we make sure to buy these suggestions online.

Lincoln King

London dry gin made by Lincoln

Now, it is very easy to buy gifts for gin lovers with hundreds of different brands and flavors in stores. But why not boost the local economy by buying a bottle of popular spirits from Lincoln Distillery?

Small batch production uses locally inspired botanicals including beetroot to distill three varieties: barrel aged, London dry and navy strength.

Three different sizes of bottles make them ideal filling materials, from £5 to a more generous price of £39.50.

In the purchase:

Happy gift horse

Happy gift horse's cup
Happy gift horse’s cup

Starting with gifts under five, there are some things for children, parents, grandparents, and the hardest people to buy for Christmas.

The key ring, tea towel, cup, money box and plaque were all designed by Lincoln.

In the purchase:

Shabby Heart Skin Care

Unicorn bath bomb gift set

Specializing in the production of artisan bathtub bombs and soaps, this year’s design includes a discolored NHS heart, which is the perfect gift for key workers, and the price is only £4.

The profits from the lemon sherbet aroma bath bomb will be donated to NHS Charities Together.

Natural skin care products are handmade in small batches, are vegan, environmentally friendly and plastic-free.

Colorful soap with passion fruit martini (perfect for porn star martini fans), bubble gum, pear and freesia, ginger, amber and bergamot flavors, all of which cost £5 .

The unicorn egg bath bomb selection box (£20) will make the bath time more sparkling.

In the purchase:

Lincolnshire Finn Crafts

Percy went fishing
Percy went fishing

There are many cute acupuncture kits available for craft lovers-from lop-eared rabbits and mice to deer, foxes and dogs, plus a special Christmas penguin, Santa and snowman series for £17.45.

Sandy Mulley, the Brig-based boss, said: “Craftsmanship is more important than ever.

“Acupuncture is incredible. You only need one thing, passion! No tricky patterns. No sewing. No wires. No expensive high-end equipment.

“You don’t have to be artistic or even creative. It’s very light, lightweight and takes up very little space; it’s just your own acupuncture kit, or it contains wool, foam pads and felting needles.”

In addition to providing toolkits, Sandy also runs online tutorials.

In the purchase:

Daniella Draper

Daniella Draper silver luxury logo bracelet £160
Daniella Draper silver luxury logo bracelet £160

The designer in Lincoln can buy interesting and collectible jewelry from a boutique on the high street in the city or online.

There are gifts for men and women here, from bracelets, necklaces, earrings to cufflinks, rings and sailing ropes, suitable for all budgets.

The collection includes letters, gold and silver letters decorating necklaces and iron earrings, as well as lucky charms of feathers, clover, angels and bees.

In the purchase:

British Gift Basket Company

Food Festival Family Basket

Is there a gourmet to buy? This Lincoln-based company provides exquisite handicraft products that can easily present the perfect gift.

The company is operated by James Tod, which ships orders around the world and has recently received a large number of locked gift orders.

Now we are preparing for the peak of Christmas. There are dozens of holiday-themed gift baskets to choose from, from 65 pounds to as high as 900 pounds Dom Perignon Champagne and Taittinger Brut Reserve Champagne, as well as exquisite single malt Scotland The whiskey comes from Macallan and a selection of award-winning foods.

Gluten-free, vegetarian, diabetic and halal diets, so there are indeed foods for all tastes.

In addition to the holiday theme, the gift baskets also provide afternoon tea, snack food, cheese and wine, and Lincoln-style food, which are full of local food.

James said: As a family, we have a common passion for British food and love the passion of small artisan food producers for their products.

“Our traditional gift baskets that mix sweet and savoury products are very popular, as are our afternoon tea gift baskets. We are a country that loves high-quality tea and high bread.”

“We have some very talented manufacturers in Lincolnshire, and we are proud to provide their products to the global market.”

In the purchase:

Sykes Flower Shop

Aeschynanthus Carina £16.99
Aeschynanthus Carina £16.99

Friends and family of Green Fingers will love Sykes’ gifts.

This family-run flower shop in Lincoln City has a history of more than 100 years, selling flowers, shrubs, perennials, hardy annual plants and exotic specimens.

There is no connection with mainstream flower chains, which means that they can provide unique and original flowers that are not found elsewhere.

The store recently opened a new indoor plant room. Choose from nearly 150 indoor plants-otherwise, if you can’t make up your mind, you can get a gift certificate from £20 to £100.

The high street store provides click collection services.



Reversible Robin Cutting Board £14.99

The beautiful pink shop in Lincoln’s historic porch is a treasure trove of jewelry, scarves, candles, vases and all kinds of sparkling trinkets.

You can’t help but fall in love with exquisite gifts such as brooches, earrings, home accessories and antiques.

Currently closed, they will publish most of the content or deliver locally until the lock restrictions are lifted on December 3.

They don’t have an online store, but you can order through Follie’s Facebook and Instagram pages.


Eleanor clutch

This family business is very important when it comes to affordable luxury goods.

Karen Priestley and former diver’s husband James founded the Lincoln Company with a personal touch.

Lincoln hopes that hand-sewn leather accessories will last a lifetime and be passed on from generation to generation.

Not only is it well-made, but it also has eternal elegance whether it is a wallet, clutch or purse.

The patterned clutch, named after their daughter Eleanor, costs £150 and can be customized to make it more special.

In the purchase:

Imagination bag

Imagination bag a unique gift for kids
Imagination bag a unique gift for kids

A story bag with crocheted characters and a book inspires the imagination of children.

Choose from fairy tales (Cinderella, Boots and Cockroach’s cat), dinosaurs and holiday stories. For older children, there is a crocheted bag and separate themes or rainbow flags on the books.

Prices start from £9.

Kelly Gadsby and Jenny Higgs run this company in Fubeck. They said: “Our best sellers are often traditional stories, such as Billy Goats Gruff and Goldilocks, but our sales range is always changing.”

And, if you don’t see your child’s favorite character, please give them the next line, as long as it is not protected by copyright, they will do their best.


Mouse House Cheese Company

Christmas Pudding Cheddar Cheese Truck
Christmas Pudding Cheddar Cheese Truck

If you have time to taste cheese, it’s Christmas. The only danger is that no matter what gift you buy, you might end up buying it yourself.

Climb up the steep hills of Lincoln and you will receive exquisite gourmet gifts. For any self-weight cheese board, essential is the Christmas Pudding Cheese Truck-a creamy cheddar cheese rich in traditional spices for £4.50, or buy any six trucks for £20.

Clean with gin, Christmas gin for £14 or Roasty Toasty winter beer for £3.



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