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and Black friday Often focused on physical game transactions, you can also get some very good digital game transactions across multiple stores.If you are the owner of PS5 or PS4, you can save a lot of the best games of 2020 during the purchase process Black Friday sale at PlayStation Store. Although most transactions are conducted on PS4 games, you can play games on PS5 through backward compatibility, some of which have been enhanced for new consoles. Owners of the PS5 digital edition should be particularly interested, otherwise they will not be able to take advantage of many of the Black Friday sales advantages, because Black Friday sales tend to shift to the physical version of the game.

The most notable is the transaction involving PS5 games. Watchdogs: LegionLaunched last month, you can use the PS4 and PS5 versions for only $40.19.Also applies to Madden American Football 21 Once the PS5 version is launched in December, you can use it for $34.79. Unmanned sky There is now a PS5 version, and you can get it and the PS4 version for $30. Ghost on the horse Game Boost using PS5 has improved the gaming experience, and recently received free multiplayer game modes and raids; the price is $40.19.with Control: Ultimate Edition Contains one of the best games of 2019, its DLC and the PS5 version launched in early 2021, for only $20.

If you have successfully found PS5, you will not miss these offers. Especially for Madden NFL 21, its next-generation version is priced at $70. These are all easy ways to get PS5 games without paying a higher price tag, because we will move towards the next generation.

As one of the best games of the year, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Although there is no local PS5 version, but the price dropped to 39.59 US dollars. There are two other PS4 exclusive releases this year, Our last part part two with Person 5 Royal, Each price drops to $30.

As mentioned above, when playing PS4 games on PS5, you can expect various enhancements. They vary from game to game, but can include reducing loading time and increasing frame rate and resolution.Also keep in mind that a selection of some great PS4 games (including PS4 games for sale, such as God of war) Is now included for free PlayStation Plus collection on PS5, So it’s best to use PS Plus Black Friday Special.

PSN’s “Black Friday” promotion lasts until December 1, so you only have a few days to choose which one.Remember, if you don’t care about the difference between digital games and physical games, you may find that physical games are more expensive; you can see all The best game deals on Black Friday In our review.

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