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Charlene Doak-Gebauer is the founder and chairman of Internet Sense First. Photo by handout

Doak-Gebauer founded Internet Sense First in 2014 after the family member’s four-year-old daughter was attacked by a neighbor and shared inappropriate photos online, and provided the following advice to parents to ensure the safety of their children.

Non-social media

“All social media is suspicious. Most social media have real-time streaming, it doesn’t matter where they are, the predators are there.

Monitoring educational games

“Predators know that children who participate in educational games are usually more sheltered innocent children. They can target children online. Lonely children will give them what they want, better than they can get in school. They can. Find them and ask them to do things that these children regret. This makes them extremely anxious, frustrated, and suicidal, because they then start to share pictures or other content and try to force them to do more.

Check their peers

“If people think that their children are targeted, then not only are unknown predators, we must also be aware of peer victims. This is increasing because of the COVID, because the percentage of children going online is higher. The fastest growing The group is peer-to-peer victimization. Pressure to provide nudity. Pressure to provide sex online. Friends do this to friends and then harass and bully victims (victims who provide photos). This is a never-ending circle. This It is the most independent generation in the history of the world and is not regulated by digital equipment.”

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