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If you are one of the millions who were told by the authorities to be locked down during the coronavirus crisis, you are no doubt busy looking for ways to get grub.

Be it a trip to the supermarket, wholesale orders, food delivery, takeout, or a combination of these, today there are many ways to get yourself a good meal.

To make it a little easier to find out what’s available in your local area, Google Maps has made the “shipping” and “takeout” buttons more prominent, helping you bring up these options in one tap.

First discovered by 9to5Mac, the buttons have actually been there for some time, but in response to how the virus forces so many people around the world to lock, the web giant has pushed them forward and center on the Maps application for users globally.

And of course, you can always search in the usual way for these options, but the benefits of the newly acquired button make it a little easier to bring up relevant information.

The buttons appear on the carousel launched by Google Maps last year. Other options include cafes, restaurants, pharmacies, and hotels, among others, all of which can be accessed by swiping back and forth through the carousel.

Placing the button in a more prominent position must also help local food businesses that are struggling to stay afloat during a pandemic. Many are forced to close their doors to visitors, although in many cases they can keep the kitchen open to take home, or deliver on their own or through services such as Uber Eats and Grubhub.

Google Maps for mobile and the web have also added links that in one tap will take you to a search page with verified information for coronavirus, which is officially known as COVID-19.

If you are looking for more options related to food delivery, be sure to check out the list of recently updated Digital Trends pages eight recommended online services. To limit contact with others, some applications, including Postmates and Instacart, even offer a Leave my door option. Enjoy your meal!

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