Both classic RPGs will be ported to the Sharp PC in the 1980s | Instant News

It is not unheard of for game developers to support games Years after launch, But Nihon Falcom took this to new heights.Such as Kosaku Reported, The company has Announce Plan to migrate the original version Yes with II The Sharp X68000, a PC only launched in Japan, was first released in 1987-yes, they will come with 3.5-inch floppy disks. IT media Add to You will see smoother in-game scrolling and save progress without changing to a blank floppy disk, but otherwise, it’s like going back thirty years ago.

Yes It did appear on the X68000 in 1991, but this is a remake of the pre-rendered 3D boss character, which some people feel is inconsistent with other 2D visual effects.This is the first time you see II On the platform.

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