The Super Nintendo World Tour will open in Japan in February. Mario Kart AR Ride will introduce in detail | Instant News

Super Nintendo World will open in Japan on February 4th, and reporters who have been on a trip into the theme park have some first impressions of the sights, sounds and rides. Mario Kart is one of the main attractions, and it will use AR to keep you feeling on the track.

Bloomberg reporter Kumi Moriya Twitter. Mario Kart is known as Koopa’s Challenge and is located in Bowser’s Castle. The castle itself is decorated with royal decorations, including a giant statue of Bowser himself and a Mario Kart trophy. The kart has four seats, each with its own steering wheel and AR helmet.

With AR technology, you can collect items and throw shells at other karts. The ride includes two race tracks side by side, so you should be able to participate in another kart race. You will start at Bowser’s castle, then pass through lava fields, underwater, haunted places, and finally Rainbow Road.

In response to COVID, Universal said it will disinfect the headset. Senri pointed out that the castle itself looks very compact, which may pose challenges for crowd management.

Nintendo and Universal Studios also plan to open similar attractions in Singapore, Orlando and Universal Park Hollywood. Everyone has their own unique rides, but details have not yet been shared, and most locations have not yet begun construction.

In addition, Nintendo released a large number of images from “Mario Kart” and an image from “Mushroom Kingdom”, which feels like you have stepped into the game.


In the press release, Mario Kart’s Senior Innovation Director and Global Executive Producer Thomas Geraghty said: “The core of the castle is the world’s first Mario Kart theme park ride based on the Mario Kart series of games. , Has sold more than 150 million sets. UniversalCreative and Nintendo will and Mario Kart: Koopa challenge brings a realistic racing adventure to Universal Studios Japan! Guests will wear headphones and take them through the world of Mario Kart to experience endless excitement And excitement.”

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