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“Steel Dawn” adds wrinkles to this relatively sterile world

Microsoft joined Bethesda at a pretty good time. Radiation 76 is in the rearview mirror.

Everyone is right Ghostwire: Tokyo, Ring of Death, Starry Sky, Then next Elder Scurls. At present, they basically have all the hype, and Bethesda’s failure is no longer in people’s minds. I will not refuse Microsoft to allow Bethesda to postpone some worse games and spend additional development time for their reputation. Because of the exclusivity of the new generation of consoles, Microsoft needs this representative more than ever.

But before we surpassed ourselves, Bethesda did Fallout 76; Since the Wastelanders, the situation has been slightly better, but the new quest line has improved the partially deserted open world. Although DLC just started, The trailer below just adds a lot to the whole world 76, At the same time remind us that NPC does exist now.

The main focus is the Paladin Leah Remini Leila Rahmani, and Knight Shin and Scribe Valdez. Will make a choice! Faction loyalty will be tested!it’s a fell out After all, the game.


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