Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3’s pricing will be similar to Galaxy Z Fold 2: Report-Tech News, Firstpost | Instant News

Although the timetable for the launch of Samsung Z Fold 3 has not yet been determined, speculation about foldable smartphones is still coming. The latest leak indicates that the price of Z Fold 3 will be the same as its predecessor, Z Fold 2. A reminder using the username Mauri QHD recently stated on Twitter that the upcoming Samsung devices will have “the same price atm.”

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2. Image: tech2 / Nandini Yadav

In response to users, the leaker cited a trusted source, but suggested that they tip a grain of salt. They wrote: “Just remember, even my source Hades (who currently has 100% records in 5 leaks and told me to bring some salt)”

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 currently Priced at Rs 1,49,999 in India As shown on the Amazon website. If Z Fold 3 is also in the same range, it means that Samsung has no reason to reduce costs. The successor products of Z Fold 2 will undergo certain improvements and can maintain a similar price range to improve the credibility of the foldable phone market.

as a GSM Arena report It was pointed out that in the field of foldable smartphones, Samsung has no worrisome rivals, therefore, the South Korean company does not really have the need to lower its prices.

Some early Samsung patented folding designs are Reported This indicates that the company may want to fold the tablet. The patented design is also introspective to say that the keyboard will have touch keys.


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