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Ubisoft’s choice of Basim/Loki as a romantic partner is a bit strange. Basim/Loki’s lover is Aletheia, the leader of Isu, who later became the personification of truth.The idea that Norse gods like Loki will fall in love with gods of a completely different culture itself is not surprising in the context, because in the world Assassin’s Creed, All the gods were found to be members of the same Yisu tribe. You might mistake Historical inaccuracy.

However, individuals called “Aletheia” also exist in Nordic culture, and this is what makes things interesting. In Norse mythology, Aletheia is actually “AngerbodaHistorically, Angrboda was Loki’s companion, which is why Basim/Loki and Aletheia/Angrboda are together. But in Norse mythology, Angerboda does not represent the truth. Her name literally means “Bringe in Distress”.

in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, Aletheia guided Kassandra and Layla in order to save the world. However, if Aletheia is also Angrboda, and she also helps coordinate Basim/Loki’s escape from digital purgatory, then her actions are likely to go to the end of the world. For all her remarks about saving mankind, her actions imply another fact.

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