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Houston (CW39) – Rooftop Cinema Club today announced the new home of its non-contact drive-free cinema, which will open in Dongcheng District on Saturday, December 5 Houston. Named after the popular neighborhood, “The Drive-In at Easy to do“, it will replace another famous drive-in cinema “Space City Show” after a three-month pop-up show on December 4 (Friday). “Space City Show” collaborates with Rooftop to overlook the roof The scenic area transitions to the city center, located at 2300 Runnels St. During the expected busy holiday movie season, fans are invited to pay attention.

There will be a preview of the new venue during the transition period this month, so movie lovers can use “soft start” pricing throughout December, starting with popular weekend favorites and holiday classics (such as “Love”), which is actually “alone” Live alone” and “last vacation”. Rooftop Cinema Club will officially cut the ribbon in the new driving experience and decoration in January.

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“After looking for new drive-in homes high and low, we are very happy to land in such a beautiful location where we can take full advantage of the Sawyer Yards site and continue to develop on this basis,” Gerry Cottle, owner And founder of the Rooftop Movie Club. “We look forward to bringing more love, peace and great movies to Houstonians at this time of desperate need.”

Space City Shows founder and entrepreneur Khairi Sharif said: “We are very grateful to the community for supporting our pop-up self-driving cinema. I am very grateful for putting our starting work in the hands of outstanding people.” “Rooftop Movie Club for Outdoor Movies With similar enthusiasm and purpose, and a unique experience, when I go on my next adventure, I am happy to see where they take it.”-more-

The Rooftop Cinema Club held its final screening at Sawyer Yards last weekend, and will have a trial opening at the new EaDo location on December 5th, with a festive comedy rom-com “Love Actually” at 8:30pm.


The top priority of the Rooftop Cinema Club is the safety and well-being of guests and the team, so precautions must be taken before here. EaDo’s Drive-In is set to be completely contactless and friendly to social distance. If you exit the vehicle for any reason (including going to the bathroom or receiving discounts), you must wear a mask.

The movie will be shown on a 40-foot screen, facing rows of cars parked 10 feet apart. The audio will be broadcast via FM radio signals. Guests can purchase discounts, food and beverages via mobile devices (including local food trucks The Burger Joint and El Patio) completely contact-free. Toilets and sanitation solutions will be provided on site, and staff will wear masks.

Ticket information and timetable

During December alone, EaDo’s The Drive-In will offer soft-start prices, with a fare between US$18-27 per car, depending on the check-in time and the screening day. Children three years old and below will not be considered as vehicle occupants. Parking spaces are first come first served, and guests will be escorted once they arrive. The soft start fare is:

Weekends (Friday to Sunday) • Movie Friends $ 22-a car that can accommodate up to two people • Movie Team $ 27-a car that can accommodate three or more people

Weekdays (Monday to Thursday) • Movie Friends $18-a car that can accommodate up to two people • Movie Team $ 24-a car that can accommodate three or more people

EaDo’s free ticket zone will be open 7 days a week. The door was opened one hour before the first screening and 30 minutes before the second screening.

Community screening

Since the first drive-in admission in the United States in May 2020, Rooftop Cinema Club has hosted –more –

Weekly community inspections will be conducted, and all ticket revenue will be donated to local charities. To date, the company has raised more than $47,000 in five cities that operate driving movie theaters, of which $21,000 comes from the Houston venue.

Community screenings at EaDo locations will be held during the second screening every Sunday. Regardless of how much it is occupied, the fare per car is only $5, which allows more Houstonians to spend the night at The Drive-In. Ticket revenue in December will benefit the Houston Food Bank. Visitors will also find a donation box on the spot, and they can drop all food from the list of most needed items in the food bank through the following link:

List of movies from December 5th to December 30th

True Love December 5

Home alone last holiday on December 6

December 7 The Wiz Die Hard

December 8th: Christmas holiday in Lampoon, Elf Country

December 9 shut down

December 10: The nightmare before going home alone at Christmas

December 11: The next Friday of Speed ​​Express

On December 12, how Grinch stole Christmas, National Lampoon’s Christmas holiday

December 13th Christmas Story Bridget Jones’ Diary

Groomsmen holiday alone on December 14

December 15: Elf Love

December 16 The Grinch Die Hard

Christmas Eve on December 17th, Mada Christmas

December 18, “Lonely Home” “Lonely Home 2: Lost in New York”

December 19: Polar Express Holiday

December 20th this is a good life

December 21st to November 11th 22 Eleven

December 23 eleven eleven

December 24 shut down

December 25 shut down

On December 26th Harry Potter and the magician’s stone eternal sunshine, spotlessly clean

December 27: Happy Feet Dumb and Dumb – more –

Frozen Friday, December 28

December 29: Spider-Man: A Guardian Away from the Galaxy

December 30: Coco Jurassic Park

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