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Dust 5 Obviously, any racing fan’s game list should be included in the race during the holidays (and beyond) In our PS4 review Published earlier this year. But how does the game perform on PlayStation 5, the latest and greatest Sony game console?It’s time to learn about the performance of Codemasters’ latest works in our products Dust 5 PS5 review.

DIRT 5 PS5 evaluation-free upgrade for everyone

If you bought Dust 5 On PS4, there is good news If you manage to catch The elusive PS5 console; a free upgrade will be waiting for you on the PlayStation Store! A simple authorization download can be found on the game page, and the required files can be downloaded and installed on the PS5 within a few minutes.Unfortunately, saving the game will not continue, so this means you will use the upgraded version from the beginning Dust 5. Considering how fun racing is, going back to the world and regaining everything is not the worst thing in the world.

What is the difference between several rays? Dust 5 With ray tracing on PS5, it looks great. During the daytime, things like real-time reflections on the car look good, but at night, especially after bad weather, the effect really shines. The luminous signs at the corners truly illuminate their surroundings, even some pebbles along the road. Fireworks scattered in the distance will also be caught by the metal of the vehicle, unless their paint job is dull.

In the rest of the game, all this extra fancy lighting doesn’t seem to cost much, because in the “image quality” mode, the frame rate still remains almost constant at 60 updates per second.Strangely, the only real slowdown in our time was Dust 5 It was carried out in the Pathfinder individual competition, and then only in the Dynamo jump. This is a larger jump, with purple smoke on both sides of the track and occasional fireworks. These exactly the same effects were displayed without any problems during the event that loaded 12 races, so seeing it must be a strange problem.

DIRT 5 PS5 Evaluation-Feel the Way

Although the PS5’s driving and handling model remains the same, it must be believed Dust 5The touch. The code managers chose to use both haptic feedback and adaptive triggers in their games, and the result is an objectively better racing game. Expect to be able to use these technologies to “feel” each course in a unique way. At the default level of tactile and trigger feedback media, things get very intense, while at high levels, your hands may actually be hurt a little after the game. This is something you adapt quickly, but the pleasure of jumping back to the ground is never out of date.

The haptic feedback is accurate enough that in a game with puddles, you can actually determine which side of the vehicle was hit by water based on which side of the controller vibrates. At the same time, the adaptive trigger will go crazy in any reaction to your vehicle, and when the tire is lost and grasp any surface you are currently sliding over, the trigger will provide more or less depending on the efficiency of the transmission resistance. that moment. This is impressive, and in terms of partial feedback, it is even comparable to some steering wheels.I know the code manager himself Express dissatisfaction with the current implementation Tactile feedback Dust 5Although it’s not like WRC 9The usage does not have to be this way. Dust 5 Is a loud, wild arcade racer. Its touch reflects this very well. Any adjustment to the feedback should involve texture rather than intensity, because from now on, it makes the race feel more physically interesting.

The loading time of the PS5 version of the PS5 version is also greatly reduced Dust 5. Although they didn’t last long during our use of PS4 Pro racers, the custom SSD on PS5 really shines here. Most courses have a loading time of 10 seconds or less, and restarting a course is of course instantaneous. Except online, any mode you choose will result in such a fast loading that the use of the previous generation of conventional hard drives makes it feel a bit unreal.

DIRT 5 PS5 assessment-growing pains

Unfortunately, although Dust 5 The appearance and performance on the PS5 have reached the best. It does seem to have some growing troubles when it is released, and some of these problems may be difficult to solve at present. the first, Dust 5 It often crashes into the PS5 home screen every four to five games. After the race, the result screen will show the completion time of each racer, so it is always in the same position. Since the game loads so fast on PS5, you only need to wait about 15 seconds to resume operation. However, when the game crashes, the result of the previous game is usually not saved, which means you have to restart the event. To make matters worse, sometimes this crash can cause the save file to become corrupted. In most cases, this will lose the player’s progress in the game, but sometimes saving the game will lose hours of progress, and, in the extreme cases commonly reported on the Internet, the entire career will be lost.

Personally, I only saw one instance, and I lost several hours of progress, when I came up with a backup plan. As you can see, gamers who have a valid PlayStation Plus subscription are lucky, because backing up known valid saved files to cloud computing becomes easy and fast.However, for the following situations, automatic backup must be disabled Dust 5, Otherwise you may eventually see a new save file covering more progress. When the game crashes frequently, people have to wonder if such a problem may have been missed in the quality check, and manually managing game saves is the most annoying trouble for most people. (Editor’s note: The crash may be related to the PS5 console, not the game itself

Dust 5 It is the best version of the game when it runs normally on PS5. This is a big warning. Most gamers don’t want to always remember to upload their saved games after a few games, otherwise they may lose hours of progress due to an unfortunate crash. This also requires a PlayStation Plus subscription, because, unfortunately, at the time of writing, copying PS5 saved games to a USB storage device is not an option.Assuming that these problems have been resolved, it is easy to recommend buying on PS5 because Dust 5 It is a showcase racing game for next-generation consoles. It cleverly uses tactile feedback and ray tracing functions, while also providing smooth performance.

DIRT 5 review code provided by the publisher. Version 1.003 has been reviewed on PS5.For more information about scoring, please read our Review policy.

8.5Silver Tro
  • Haptic feedback makes the car a fresh, intense experience
  • Improved visual effects and ray tracing effects
  • Load time is almost non-existent
  • Crash too often
  • Save games will not transfer from PS4

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