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This is an extremely useful feature that many advanced “to-do” apps don’t have, but Apple just added it to macOS Big Sur. This is how to assign a task to someone and what happens after the task is completed.

Seriously, Apple’s reminder app is underrated.No doubt, but heavyweight task managers like OmniFocus with thing It is a very powerful function, but the application of Reminders far exceeds its weight.

We have seen before Location reminder -When you go to work or leave any place now, you can remind you of a certain task by telling it. Starting from Apple’s basic Reminders application, every To Do application is now in use.

Now it is doing the same thing in assigning tasks to people. Few apps can delegate tasks to other people and see when they complete the task, but now the reminder function is fine.

More importantly, Apple made this operation fairly simple in the “reminder” of macOS Big Sur. You must set up this feature before you can quickly delegate any task to others.

How to set up assigned tasks

  1. In the reminder on your Mac, click Add list In the lower left corner
  2. Create a new list that will be used for all delegated tasks
  3. Click on someone’s icon
  4. In the dialog box that appears, click Increase the number of people
  5. Choose mail, message, copy link or AirDrop
  6. Please click share it Send that person a link to your new list

All you have to do is to allow someone to view and use your list and read and write it.Options after Increase the number of people It’s a different way to contact them.

First create the reminder list you shared

If you choose “Copy Link” or “AirDrop”, you can choose to specify the email address or phone number of one or more people.To remember them, you can click on the very small plus sign that appears next to the word plus:.

After clicking share, they will be notified via a link to open your reminder list. Assuming they do, when you open the list, you will see the words “Shared with” at the top.

Now you can share any task with anyone who appears in the “Share with…” list. You can delegate any or all tasks to them, but you can only complete one task at a time.

How to assign a task to someone

  1. Click the task you want to assign
  2. On the starting line Added date, Click on a person’s head icon
  3. Choose from a list of people who have permission to view this list

That’s it: After choosing this person, you have assigned the task and two things have happened. They will be notified, and you will see their photo or initials in the small icon in the row of the task title.

What happens when they perform their tasks

In fact, nothing can stop you from continuing this task yourself. Tasks are not locked, and assignments are now no longer dependent on their release tasks.

If you complete the task yourself and tick Done, it will disappear from the list. The same thing did happen when they checked it.

When you are sure that you have assigned the wrong person and want to change it to another person, the situation changes slightly. Unfortunately, you cannot assign a task to more than one person. Therefore, if you work with two people who are sharing their work, you are out of luck.

Click to assign the task to a person

Click to assign the task to a person

  1. Click the task you want to assign
  2. On the starting line Added date, Click on a person’s head icon
  3. Click the X next to its name to delete it, or
  4. Click on their name and select others from the list of authorized persons to view your tasks

If you make a lot of delegations, or have a lot of people working with you, then you might also benefit from more advanced “to-do” applications.You might even need Comprehensive project management If your sharing task is complex enough.

But for small teams, or even just couples, this feature is a boon. You can share lists long ago, but now assigning tasks to specific people means that there is less chance of losing work.


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