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One of the best things Google TV Is the way it integrates various streaming services to better display surface content Relevant to you. Google will launch a new feature this week Make these suggestions better by adjusting and sharing your preferences.

Currently, Google TV (accessible The application Or something like Chromecast with Google TV) Use several methods to determine which shows or movies you think you like. First, it looks at the list of services you have logged in (you can customize it in “Settings”), then it looks at the shows and movies in the “Watch List”, all the content you have marked as watched and all the ratings (thumbs up or Thumbs down), you have left a specific title.

But this week, Google TV added another method to help you customize your suggestions in “Settings”, which is “Content Preferences”, which will display some titles while allowing you to choose to view “More like this “Or “not like this”. presumably, By entering what you like and dislike, Google TV can show what you might actually want to watch.

In other words, I think Google may be struggling hard.A kind Recent discussions among Gizmodo employees indicate Many of us have been self-trained to ignore content suggestions due to bad or irrelevant suggestions in other apps or streaming services. If you want to keep the current zeitgeist’s popularity, you can use the “popular” or “trend” section, but for all other aspects, program and movie recommendations are usually wasteland, and recommended content in applications such as HBO Max is very useful.For some of us.

However, due to the current streaming platform with the best interface and integration with other streaming services, Google TV is always likely to break through. And, if the new features of Google TV can help me avoid seeing suggestions when I watch programs such as “13 Reasons” for the twenty-seventh time, that would be a small victory for me at least.


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