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Developers knew this after seeing a successful formula, and soon the company could create its own breakthrough game version.

“The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” It rewrites the production method of action-adventure games. It has a vast world and deep interactive puzzles based on physics and immersive simulation. Nintendo created a series of problems and provided players with tools to solve them.

Ubisoft noted and created “Fairy Fanny Rising.” This is the same project as “Breath of the Wild”, but it only takes part of the experience in mind-mainly exploration, confusion and battle-and builds a pretty good adventure experience.


“Fairies” follow the title character (the male or female protagonist created by the player) and lead the Greek heroes on a grand mission to save the allies who were stoned to death. Fenyx faces Typhon, a powerful Titan who was once imprisoned in Tartarus. He managed to escape and squander the mythical gods. He snatched the essence of Aphrodite, Ares, Hephaestus, and Athena, turned them into other creatures, and destroyed the heroes dispatched to stop him.

Most of the campaign activities were spent trying to restore everyone across the Golden Island. This is a type that mimics the language environment found in “Wild Breath”. It is full of mountains, grass and huge cracks pitted by caves. This is a world worth exploring, but it lacks an important element: people. Remember, they all turned into stone, creating a huge void in the beautiful exterior wall.

Ubisoft Quebec tries to fill the gaps through narrative.similar “fortress” Fenyx’s adventure was reviewed by Zeus and Prometheus. The Titan Vulcan recorded the hero’s achievements, and Zeus interrupted him mockingly. The two are almost like sports show hosts, they hate each other’s guts.

The drama between the two injects personality into the “fairy”, but humor is not uncommon. Sometimes, it may make the player faltering, but in most cases, it is full of Greek mythology. Those who study classics in college will be full of reference books and assistants.

Better stories come from debilitating gods, because each of them has their own drama that leads to their failure and transformation. When the players helped them, they received the blessings of the gods, which was a beneficial allowance, and they also learned more background stories that revolved around Zeus in one form or another.

In the beginning, Fenyx became weak. Her attacks are limited, she can only jump a few feet before falling to the ground. Fortunately, as the player progresses in the battle, her abilities will rapidly increase. She will get the double jump of the Daedalus wing and power up the tool, and she will be upgraded to taxi.

Each new skill can help her solve world puzzles and dungeons called Vaults of Tartaros. Unfortunately, the free-form nature sometimes causes players to encounter areas that require specific abilities. The game lets you know if you lack specific skills, but in any case, it is important to use Charon coins to power Fenyx as early as possible. These can be obtained through fabulous missions, murals or huge puzzle installations scattered around the world.

The mural challenge is a puzzle that rewards players with Charon coins, which is essential to enhance Fenyx’s ability in “Immmortals Fenyx Rising”. (Ubisoft)

language learning

It takes time to learn difficult languages. Fortunately, the game does a good job of making players fluent and can guide them through the key actions used to solve basic puzzles before moving on to more advanced works. Many involve switches, shooting targets with bows and arrows, and pushing and pulling objects using Iraklis wristbands. The developers added new elements such as floating blocks, wind shifts and other obstacles. Compared with “wild breath”, players will not encounter too many brain destroyers, but more challenging puzzles will require players to perform precise platforms or other tasks that require precise execution.

In terms of progress, Fenyx quickly powered up in “Fairy”. If the player completely avoids vaulting and other difficult problems in the middle of the game, the adventure will become easier. Players will collect enough swords, axes, helmets, bows and armor to customize Fenyx according to their own game style. Each piece of equipment has a status upgrade, which can be upgraded with Adamantane Shards.

I tried hard to rely on stamina items and the hammer of Hephaestus. Physical strength is important because it allows Fenyx to use her most powerful movements, and it is also needed for traversal. Climbing, swimming and sliding require endurance. Players can expand this range by collecting Zeus’ lightning bolts or using potions. As long as the player makes in advance, a drinkable power-up device is sufficient, which can make even more difficult encounters painless.

Although the battle becomes easier as Fenyx becomes stronger and stronger, it still requires skill and thoughtful use. An airborne enemy like a savage needs arrows or Heraklion’s bracer ability to whip Finix into the enemy’s air attack. Players can use it in combination with the Hephaistos hammer and continue small-scale battles by avoiding attacks, which happens to freeze time, so Fenyx can cause more damage to the enemy. As the combination expands, Fenyx’s attacks will become stronger and reward skilled players. Combat is one of the several improvements to “Breath of the Wild” in the game.

“Fenix ​​Rexin” is a notable attempt to capture the magic of “Breath of the Wild”. Confusion and fighting are strengths, but world building and roles are insufficient. Even if it was unexpected, the event could not attract players to the myth it was trying to weave. The project has the characteristics of the “Zelda” title, but there is no design soul. Nonetheless, for players who wish to take risks in this adventurous way, this is enough, and this may be the first step in a major effort trying to take advantage of this style.

Fairy fanny rising

3 stars out of 4 stars
platform: Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, Amazon Luna, PC
score: teens


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