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Although Wacoms is actually a standard tool for digital artists, rivals such as XP Pen Pro 24 offer budget-conscious options. AppleInsider handed over cheap competitors to web cartoonists to see if it can go from head to toe.

Editor’s Note: Authors and Artists Brian Patterson, He recently completed a 10-year webcomic, Made this comment in cooperation with AppleInsider.

This is a different era for art and illustration, and in the past few years, many artists and illustrators (including amateurs and professionals) have transitioned from traditional pen, ink and painting to pure digital work Process.

In the ever-evolving years of this transformation, companies like Wacom have monopolized the top digital tools and tablet market for emerging digital artists, and changed the prospects of illustration in many ways. In many product reviews, Apple Insider Files, such as Wacom Cintiq 16 In 2019.

Wacom set the standard of excellence early, but excellence included high admission costs, which prevented many traditional media artists from migrating to digital workspaces.

And such as IPad with Apple pencil In the market, as well as Apple’s Sidecar for Apple systemIn recent years, many companies (such as XP Pen) have entered the market with their own tablets and digital tools to compete with companies such as Wacom and Apple.

A cursory glance at the market, and when compared with other competitors side by side, you will see the overall appearance of XP Pen products and all the common trends in appearance.

Everything is black. Everything comes with a similar tablet shape. Stylus, stand and shortcut keys on the front and back. If you are not sure what to look for, all the tablets on the market are like the work of one company.

However, companies like XP Pen have a clear advantage in the competition: price.

The XP Pen retail price is US$899, which is US$1,100 cheaper than Wacom’s Cintiq Pro 24.

Hardware and specifications

The box contains Pro 24 tablet, 2 stylus pens, setting guide, 1 optional stylus holder for the side of the tablet, 1 HDMI cable, 1 USB-C to USB-C cable, 8 The spare nib and a black pull glove are worn to protect the drawing surface.

The Pro 24 works out of the box and follows the models of most tablets on the market: dark colors, clean lines, and few red and silver tones.

Pro 24 is a good piece of hardware sitting on a desk. The tablet itself has certain advantages and is expensive, and the built-in bracket is set to a working angle, so it will not feel heavy or accidentally knocked down.

The display has a pleasant texture. When my hand and stylus move on it, it will be a bit like the resistance of my hand on high-quality heavyweight paper, which is familiar to any artist who uses paper or canvas.

It provides an effective screen space of 23.8 inches with a resolution of 2560 x 1440, and has an excellent color gamut, which can be used for amateur and professional work. The brightness and contrast options are excellent, and when not used for drawing, the monitor can easily act as a primary or secondary monitor.

This tablet includes a heavy support frame that can be adjusted in various angles, but a major drawback of the Pro 24 is that there is no height on the table. I am a tall man. I lowered the chair and adjusted the Pro 24 bracket to the most comfortable position. After 45 minutes of work, my back and shoulders started to become stiff.

In the case of using Cintiq, I would consider using a possible swing arm or official stand to lift the tablet to a higher height, but the Pro 24 does not include a mounting point and the built-in stand cannot be removed. The only way to make the tablet comfortable for me is to place it in a wide box 2 inches thick to elevate the entire device.

In standard tablet peripherals, the Pro 24 includes a sturdy black cylinder that stores an extra nib at one end, serves as a carrying case for a pen case, and includes the entire second pen. In case the main stylus is lost or damaged, it is a good choice to have a spare stylus on hand, which really surprised me.

An extra nib for XP Pen Pro 24 is included in the box.

An extra nib for XP Pen Pro 24 is included in the box.

The stylus itself does not require batteries, and is wider than ordinary pens or pencils, and has a good touch. However, the pen is very lightweight, so if you are used to using heavier tools, you may need to adjust it.

set up

The accompanying instructions provide information on where to download the Pro 24 drivers and how to install them, but I will not simplify the process. The booklet included in the box provides illustrated steps on how and where to plug in all the devices and connect the tablet to the workstation.

Only a few ports need to be managed later.

Only a few ports need to be managed later.

The hardware aspect of the installation went well, but the software aspect of the process was not ideal.After downloading and installing the driver, I checked the attached PDF to get macOS 10.5 Catalina-Currently installed.

The guide contains many typographical errors, and several key examples of files that should appear in place after installation seem to be outdated.

There are a series of permissions in the Accessibility and Input tab of the “Security” settings of macOS, which must be activated manually. Initially, this was not a big problem, but each step of the installation process (for each permission) requires a restart to make the next part visible in the corresponding tab, requiring a total of four restarts.

The calibration process is performed using the XP Pen application and is very similar to the driver installation process. Some functions are not clearly explained. For example, setting up an active tablet area for drawing requires a lot of trial and error, because by default, the tablet wants to use both of my monitors as a large canvas area.

The problem was finally solved, but it took time and experimentation to make it work as expected.

Using the application, I adjusted the pressure sensitivity of the stylus, configured some shortcut keys to test in Photoshop, and opened a new test document.

XP Pen Pro 24 is installed on the top of the box to increase the height of the tablet.

XP Pen Pro 24 is installed on the top of the box to increase the height of the tablet.

work experience

This is where things happen unpleasantly. I chose one of my standard brushes and started to draw a simple box with the goal of drawing a wrapped gift. Simple, clean and usually easy to complete illustrations.

XP Pen’s document on Pro 24 points out that the pressure sensitivity and tilt of the stylus on the work surface are 8,192 levels and 60 degrees, respectively, the response time is 14ms, and the report rate is 220RPS.

On paper, when I draw a straight line or adjust the pressure level to change the line width, it should be smooth and uninterrupted. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The weight and pressure sensitivity of the production line are not consistently good at all, and usually, the entire part of the production line will randomly stop drawing and resume after the second second.

Using finer pressure on smaller lines or fine details is a maddening experience, because the finer the operation, the more likely the Pro 24 will stop responding. Drawing and coloring a simple box that usually takes 3-4 minutes takes 10 minutes of frustrating time, and may greatly shorten the life of the “Command” and “Z” keys on the keyboard.

I’m joking, but I’m saying this based on fully understanding this. Every new hardware has more and more troubles and learning curves, so I spend time adjusting settings, practicing repeated shapes and putting in work to see What you can get starts with Pro 24 a week later. My experience has not improved significantly, but through fine-tuning and adjusting my own hand pressure did improve.

The rear bracket increases the angle, but it does not help to increase the height.

The rear bracket increases the angle, but it does not help to increase the height.

In other words, the lower tablet position and the increased hand weight required do cause faster work fatigue. Therefore, if I work with Pro 24 for a long time, I will experience reduced work speed, increased fatigue and mild aggravation.

Pricing and value

Pro 24 retail price in XP Pen store is 899 dollars. The retail price of Wacom Pro 24 in the Wacom store is $1,999.

When coexisting with Wacom, XP Pen tablets can save a lot of money, but based on my experience with XP Pen Artist Pro 24, I think this is a good value for money.

Yes, this can save a lot of money, but based on the frustration of software, lack of elevation and average level of painting experience, when we live in the digital art era, I do not recommend you to use this kind of hardware. The artist is spoiled for choice.

XP Pen is still on the right track, and if it can solve software problems and fine-tune the performance of its tablets, it can provide excellent hardware at a favorable price. For me, it doesn’t exist yet.

Currently, I would recommend Wacom One or iPad and Apple Pencil to artists who are new to the media, and Wacom Pro 24 to experienced digital artists.

  • High build quality and feel.
  • Good screen resolution and quality.
  • Useful information is displayed in the window, such as charging status
  • The stand needs more height adjustment.
  • Difficult installation process.
  • Responsiveness in use.
  • The poor user experience greatly saves costs.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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