The Runeterra Legend Rising Tides and Bilgewater guide: Everything you need to know about the new expansion and what’s next for the Runeterra Legend | Instant News

The Legend of Runeterra, the incredible League of Legends card game, finally comes out of the open beta tomorrow. Besides being available on iOS and Android devices, Riot Games also added 120 new cards His first expansion was called Rising Tides. The sixty cards belong to an entirely new territory called Bilgewater, a shabby and rundown pirate port, while another 60 are scattered among the existing Runeterra territory.

This is a big update, which makes me optimistic that Runeterra Legend will not be another card game that goes up within a year. To talk about Rising Tides, Bilgewater, and what’s next, I’m sitting with executive producer Jeff Jew – but, first, let’s look at Rising Tides.

The Legend of Runeterra: Rising Tides

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