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Google is testing the redesign of the “My apps & games” section on the Play Store. The company removes the Installed and Library tabs from the page to provide a cleaner look.

The My apps & games section on the Google Play Store currently has four different tabs, namely, Updates, Installed, Library, and Beta. Nevertheless, a new version Play Store removes the Library and Installed tab and that is not very pleasant news.

The latter is very useful because it lists all the applications and games that you have installed on all of your Android devices that are linked to your Google account. This makes it very easy to find applications or games that you have tried for a long time but can’t remember their names.

The Installed Tab, on the other hand, lists every application installed on your Android device. You can see the size of storage they occupy and when each application was last used.

You can also access the reviews that you posted on the Play Store through the “Reviews” menu under the Installed tab.

However, it seems like these two tabs are used less frequently by users. Google now removes it to give a cleaner look to the My apps & games section.

The Play Store Update removes the Library and Installed tab

Google appears to be launching server-side updates to the Play Store, removing the Library and Installed tabs from the My apps & games section. The new My apps & game layout now only includes the Update and Beta tabs.

The Updates tab lists all available application updates as well as the applications that you have just updated.

This tab also shows when Play Protect last scanned your installed applications and found dangerous applications. You can also scan manually installed applications here. The Beta tab, meanwhile, lists all beta applications that you are currently registering.

This Play Store update appears less than two weeks after Google was created some changes for the way the application is registered in the store. Previously, if you were looking for an application in the Play Store, the results only displayed the developer name, rating, and price.

After last month’s update, the search results now also show application size and number of downloads. This addition makes it easy to compare various applications from the same category and find the right one.

However, the latest changes eliminate useful features from the Play Store. Hopefully Google will find another place for the Library. Or at least provide an alternative method for accessing your previously installed application. The company has not yet released an official word about this change.

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