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CS Plays: Enter Madness Known as Doom Eternal!

We already gave our review about the Bethesda instant classic Eternal Apocalypse, which you can read here, but now it’s time to understand the intricacies of this violent, intense, and relentless first-person shooter extravaganza. If you have free time, see the video below as I navigate through the snowy hilltops of the Demon Cultivation Base. Click here to buy Doom: Eternal!

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I know what you think. You think, this person must be a kind of professional to feel confident enough to share the footage of the game with the whole world. Actually, I’m here to say Eternal Apocalypse experience makes me humble. I mean, I played this level in Ultra-Violence and immediately kicked my ass. I have watched others on the web all over the world bounce off the same terrain as Mario on crack, which makes my pedestrian style recognized as pathetic by comparison. However, I did better during the video. And while I left feeling tired and a little confused by that experience, I still had an explosion kicking the devil’s butt!

For those who are not aware, Eternal Apocalypse continue the blood-stained exploitation of the blood-stained Doom Slayer, a silent and mysterious defender of the Earth who seems to be resurrected for one purpose: to fight Hell’s henchmen. His warfare brought him from the land that was filled with our planet’s ashes, into space, Mars, Hell and even (I think) Heaven itself, where our watchful guard (our silent protectors) faced hordes of zombies, virtual demons, and the bastard spiders. things in a violent campaign to clean the bad guys from our dimension. This is also just an excuse to let gamers face the demons mentioned above in a long designed campaign that feels less like a video game and more like wild, guts in a bloody music concert through the deepest depths of Hell.

As the famous Captain Hook (and I paraphrase) said: “You will fight. You will cry. And then … you will die.”

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