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Interested in ten times the quality of your Zoom frame? If you have had a recent Canon mirrorless, DSLR or PowerShot camera, you can now use it as a webcam and embarrass others at your video call. As noted by DPReview, the company has released beta “EOS Webcam Utility” for Windows 10 which allows you to plug in one of the supported cameras below via USB and make it your webcam PC. And this will work well for most large video conferencing options, whether you use Zoom, Microsoft Team, BlueJeans, or other services.

This is a supported camera that can use EOS Webcam Utility.
Image: Canon

“Built by Canon software developers, this beta software helps consumers to improve their video display when using popular video conferencing applications on the market, providing high clarity and image quality,” Canon wrote in a press release.

If you have a high-end digital camera that is not made by Canon, this can be something you can do yourself with an HDMI capture card or stick – assuming that your camera allows clean HDMI video output. My old friend Evan Rodgers at Enter recently tried. And it’s very surprising, though not surprising, how much more cinematic your Zoom Window looks compared to others when you use premium glass that can’t be used by the built-in webcam.

Canon’s solution cuts the need for additional devices or accessories beyond a single USB cable, so if you have one of the registered cameras, it’s worth a try. Sorry, Mac users; there is no EOS Webcam Utility for Apple software yet, but you still have the option to use a capture card with a wider choice of cameras.

April 29 Update 1:43 PM ET: The article has been updated to clarify the options available for Mac users. While the Canon EOS Webcam Utility is not available for macOS, people with Apple desktops or laptops can still use a third-party HDMI capture card to use a digital camera as a webcam.

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