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Doggo’s third stage Fort night In the challenge of Week 5 of Season 5, you need to collect four garden gnomes in Fort Crumpet and Holly Hedges. This challenge is almost identical to the first stage, which is to dig garden gnomes-so please don’t confuse the two. You must complete the first and second stages before you can make progress in the third stage. As with most challenges, the game will not tell you where to find the four gnomes, but fortunately, we can fill all the gnomes.

In this guide, we will show you all the knowledge related to collecting gnomes to complete this week’s challenge.This is the place to collect gnomes from Fort Crumpet and Holly Hedges Fort night.

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Dwarf position

Just like the first stage of Doggo’s request, the gnomes in this challenge can be collected in any order. Please note that due to challenges, these two locations-Fort Crumpet and Holly Hedges-can be very busy. It is best to try to collect gnomes with the team so that they can monitor your back. Moreover, unlike the first stage, these goblins do not need to dig.Collect them with just one click square On PlayStation, X On Xbox, and with On Nintendo Switch.

Holly Hedge-First Gnome

The first dwarf is located outside the shop in the middle of the holly hedge. It’s a bit like the garden part of a large department store. The dwarf is cleverly hidden in the plants on the east side.

Holly Hedge-Second Gnome

The next one is located to the north of the previous dwarf. Head to the festive season area and you will find dwarfs next to some gifts. (When using the map above, please refer to the red circle instead of the blue waypoint.)

Fortress-the first dwarf

Next, head to the Coral Castle, which is located on the northwest side of the map, south of the Coral Castle. The dwarf was found in the fortress on the east side behind the cash register area. It is close to a pile of souvenirs.

Klemperburg-second dwarf

For the ultimate gnome, find it in the center of the fortress, behind the stairs. It is on the ground, the same as the previous gnome.

After collecting all four goblins (in any order), you will receive credit for completing the challenge and therefore earn 20,000 XP. Now, you only need to perform the Doggo mission one more time to bury the gnomes you just collected in various areas around the map.

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