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NewsWritten by Jackson Langford on April 30, 2020

triplicate j has released poll results that show 57% of people who responded said they would return to the music festival before a corona virus vaccine found.

1500 people were reportedly surveyed, with 881 people saying they would return before the vaccine was available, while 678 people said that they would not return.

However, A B CHealth Editor, Dr. Norman Swan, said that a festival without vaccines or other treatments would be a high risk scenario.

“You have a close relationship with other people and only need a few people to be infected in order to spread, and if you have one super-spreader there, you are full,” Dr. Swan on triplicate j this morning, talk to host Lucy Smith.

“Keeping social at a music festival impossible.”

Swan also said that the demographics of music festivals (eg young adults) are actually the highest infection group of viruses in the country.

“… Especially 22-29,” he said.

“That group did not get symptoms and 50% of the spread showed no symptoms.”

Swan was also asked about Grandeur on the grass and whether it will continue in October as planned, which according to him is still too early to predict.

What Swan said echoes the comments made by the Chief Medical Officer of Australia, Dr. Brendan Murphy, who basically said the festival would be the last thing to return due to the lack of social distance that might occur.

“Unless you are really, very confident about your borders, your testing, your surveillance, you cannot relax your distance,” Murphy said.

“We certainly won’t consider a large-scale meeting. It is difficult for me to imagine the reopening of night clubs and major music festivals in the future. “

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