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Kyocera today launched the first rugged smartphone Duraforce Ultra 5G equipped with Verizon millimeter wave UWB 5G. This super tough Android phone comes with rubber bumpers. In my opinion, it is most likely to become a Wi-Fi hotspot in outdoor workplaces.

Verizon’s UWB 5G The system is super fast, but mainly works outdoors in cities. In the past year, ordinary white-collar workers have not gone out too much, but the people who build, repair and build things are working hard. Even before the regular street life came, there were people who rebuilt bricks on scaffolding, built sidewalk dining sheds, used cranes to move commercial HVAC units, and maintained parks.

Kyocera’s Duraforce robust series Android phone Tend to attract outdoor explorers and blue-collar workers. Ultra 5G is equipped with a 4500mAh non-removable battery, which can simultaneously charge wirelessly and 27W wiredly; 2,160 x 1,080, 5.45-inch LCD screen; and Snapdragon 765G processor. It is running Android 10. There are 24MP and 16MP cameras on the back with a time-of-flight sensor for accurate AR measurements, while the front has an 8MP camera. The speaker’s sound is very loud, reaching 106dB, and the phone is dustproof, waterproof and not easy to burn. It is also a brick and weighs nine ounces.

Here are some interesting company-friendly technologies. They have a physical fingerprint sensor. The phone supports CBRS, which is a network frequency band and is expected to be used in the company’s private network in the future. Its Wi-Fi specifications include 802.11e, i, k, r, v and mc, which can realize company security, service quality, network management and indoor positioning.

However, what fascinates me most is why the phone is 5G? The phone has both Verizon’s millimeter wave 5G and DSS 5G. The speed of the airborne X52 modem is not as fast as that of flagship phones, but it can easily break through 1Gbps on millimeter waves. The answer is outside my window. The person with Duraforce Ultra 5G in every workplace is a Wi-Fi hotspot for everyone around. It can power several tablets, laptops, music players, and even the phones of other employees with poor data plans.

In this way, the UWB 5G debate on Duraforce is clearer than most mobile phones. For ordinary users who live and work indoors, UWB 5G is a bit abstract even before COVID-I mean, who will download it? (The real advantage is in parks, campuses, and other places that are easy to attract crowds, but I digress.) On the other hand, Duraforce hits people who work outdoors.

Duraforce Ultra 5G will be available from Verizon at the beginning of the first quarter. Kyocera did not announce a price.

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