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Skystone Games unveiled two new games to launch in 2021 boundary with Last friend.We have provided appropriate information in the following two games, but the abbreviation for both is Boundary It is the latest product of the developer Surgical Scalpels, who created an anti-gravity shooter. At the same time, Stonebot Studios has been working hard to develop the so-called “Fall in Love with Dogs” action game. Last friend. There is currently no appropriate release date for these two games, this is just to let everyone know these two words. You can view the trailer at the bottom because we are now waiting for more information.

Take a look at the artwork of “Heaven”, provided by Skystone Games.

Last friend

In this future world that has become the end of the world, chaos, destruction, rampant mutants and surviving things distract mankind, and there are even more sinister things…the dogs of the world are disappearing! Now enter Alpha (you), he lost a man’s best friend when he was very young. While traveling in the wasteland, he met some mutants and didn’t even kidnap a lost puppy! In this battle, he found that he was able to understand what the puppies would say, his name is T. Juan! Now, Juan (T. Juan) and Alpha (Alpha) are taking part in this magnificent adventure together to find answers about all the real things happening to the dogs. It’s time to join them and put the soles of your feet on the sidewalk! latitude!


boundary It is a multiplayer tactical space shooting game that allows players to play as a fully armed astronaut named Astroperator, participate in a fierce team vs. team zero-gravity firefight, and fight other enemy Astrolators and other objects on the orbital space device. Gravity operation entity. With the support of your EMU suit, you can now navigate in the harsh environment of space and orbital devices to enable enemy combatants to enter the 3D battlefield, which threatens you in all directions. This is similar to a bullfighting astronaut battle, in this case, your angle of attack and position can play an important role.

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