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Even someone who has a 3D world on Wii U, *I am*

Yesterday’s trailer Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury Looks great – You can almost fool me into thinking that the new cat-filled area is the world of DLC Super Mario Odyssey – But our glimpse gives us enough room for hopeful guesses. (I’m sure, partly by design.)

Today, Nintendo released much better Overview of the 2-in-1 Switch title.

Super Mario 3D World It’s related to your wish to upgrade Wii U to Switch, but I’m more interested in the second half of this video – skip to four minutes to understand Bowser’s Fury.

The new adventure activity imagines Mario and Bowser Jr. as “reluctant allies”, rushing them to the islands of Lapcat Lake (Lapcat), collecting cat light, and using him best A terrible way to resist Bowser.Not clear at first Bowser’s Fury There are two people working together, but this film confirms this.It’s ok

As for the clumsy Fury Bowser (he will always be “God Killer Bowser“For me), his anger has its ups and downs. According to Nintendo, he will “appear after a while”, change the state of the world with a falling spike, and attack the duo with violent breathing. Obviously, ” There is nowhere to escape “Hide.” But as the narrator said, “No one can stay angry forever.” Bowser will eventually take Godzilla’s sedative.

Ultimate goal Bowser’s FuryAs the previous trailer implies, it is necessary to obtain enough of these collectibles to unlock the Jiga Clock and unlock the Genjika Cat Mario Form. Let them fight.

I really want to play this independent game-far beyond the imagination based on the packaged features.Without Bowser’s Fury, I might finally back down and dip Super Mario 3D World On Switch, but everything I’ve seen so far is prompting me to prioritize in February.

Don’t be an ungrateful bastard, but… Super Mario Odyssey 2 When?


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