CES 2021: Why this new electronic ink-like TCL tablet seems very suitable for comic fans | Instant News

TCL NXTPAPER was officially released on CES 2021, And it is an interesting technology in itself: the first electronic ink-like device with a color screen, this combination can not only be used on the eyes for a long time, but also more than traditional tablet computers with LCD screens. Power saving. All these add up to probably the best comic book reading device so far.

Comics, comic books, “interesting pages”, sequential art-they are an important part of the modern media landscape, and are the source material of the superhero movie genre that has been the main conductive theater for the past ten years. However, reading the digital version of comics is a just pain: given their full-page A4 size format (approximately the size of ruled paper), they are not really suitable for modern phone or computer screens.

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