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WhatsApp has started to update to introduce the “read later” feature to the platform.According to reports Wabetainfo This feature will replace the archived chat system previously installed by the application.

For WhatsApp, the news of the new feature update comes at the right time.This is due to a large number of negative In recent weeks, the company has received news about its privacy updates.

This update requires users to share their data with Facebook in order to access the app. WhatsApp did response The issue claims that user privacy will not be affected by the changes.

However, this does not convince many users to switch to other applications in large numbers, such as telegraph. In the last few days after the news storm surrounding WhatsApp, the number of downloads of apps that pride themselves on security and privacy has grown significantly.

It seems that this feature will not completely change WhatsApp or bring real new features to the platform.Instead, this seems to be a cleaner way to replace the previous Now pocket.

WhatsApp is using the “read later” feature

From the current situation, it seems that this feature has been set to replace the archived chat feature on the application. This means that users can move the chat to this section and no longer receive notifications from it, but they can still access the chat.

The purpose of this is to reduce confusion and make it easier for users to organize chats. Android beta v2.21.2.2 has an instance of the “read later” function, which is at the top of the chat list. The iOS version of WhatsApp beta v2.20.130.16 also mentions this feature.

If you click on it, you will receive an introductory message. The content is “To reduce interference, stay here for chats with new messages, you will not receive any notifications”.

This feature is currently under development and is expected to be fully launched in a future update. Initially, we can expect that the Beta will be tested with more users and then promoted to everyone.

As usual, we are not sure when this feature can be fully enabled. These things may take some time, depending on the complexity and success of the release. Given that this seems to be a broad replacement for the archive feature, it may not take that long to release the feature, but only time will tell.

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