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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season 3 continues, and many Prime games will be launched soon.The latest Twitch Prime perk is the Slushie Bear skin, which may be the cutest way to enjoy something Fall guy In the coldest month of the year.

As shown below, the Slushie Bear skin is your Fall Guy wearing a pink fur coat with a sweet polar bear head on top. It not only keeps your head warm, but also protects your head from several failed attacks by Door Dash.You can go to Fall guy Top game reward page.

“Fall Guys” has a new Prime Gaming bundle called “Slushie Bear”. The costume comes with 6,500 honors. “Fall Guys” is now available on PS 4 and PC.

Like all Prime Gaming bundles, the Slushie Bear skin is only part of the privilege. In addition to clothing, Prime subscribers can also get 6,500 grams of cash, which can help you create another coveted cosmetic product. With these honors alone, you can buy more common items, but I hope you have accumulated more of your own collection through the game.

The Slushie Bear bundle is the second Prime game bundle Fall guy, And it is expected that other sets will be regularly reduced in May. The first bundle, Winter Warmer, includes the Winter Warmer skin and three crowns.

It’s worth noting that the Prime Gaming bundle is Amazon The rewards for prime members do include members who use the 30-day free trial. Therefore, if you really like the look of the Winter Warmer skin, you can easily get it for free by setting up a trial account.In addition to free rewards Fall guy, Other popular games, such as Apex Legend with PUBG, Usually provide players with free Prime game unlocking function. Prime Gaming members can also get a free Twitch channel subscription every month, which allows you to support your favorite streamers.

even if Fall guy Losing the momentum it established when it launched on PlayStation Plus for free in the summer, the game continues to maintain an enthusiastic player base by leveraging a ton of new content.Recent major update Fall guy The film arrived with Season 3 in mid-December, and fans are waiting for the upcoming mid-season patch.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout It is now available on PS4 and PC.

What do you think of the Slushie Bear bundle Fall guy?Are you having fun Fall guy So far in season three? Tell us in the comments section!

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