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The Samsung Galaxy S21 is not as fragile as its predecessors, but you still need to put a protective cover on it. We found the best case to protect the Galaxy S21. From brands such as Spigen to Samsung, and everyone in between.

even if Galaxy S21 Made from a polycarbonate shell and now with a flat-screen display, it is still worth the money to buy a protective cover and protect your investment. Even the Galaxy S21 is only $800. You still don’t want to end up with a broken screen.

Top 10 best Samsung Galaxy S21 phone cases

Here, you will find a variety of good cases to protect the Galaxy S21 smartphone. From Samsung’s first plan to Spigen, FSR and other third plans. There are some things available at all price points. Since the price of some cases is as low as $10, the price of some cases exceeds $70.

If you are looking for a Galaxy S21 Ultra case, you can check this list Here.

Samsung LED Wallet Cover

EF NG991 001 front purple 1600x1200

This is a popular case of the Galaxy S21, which Samsung has manufactured for several years. This is the LED wallet cover. The basic premise here is that it can hold your card-it may be a card that cannot be used by Samsung Pay. There are LED lights on the screen to display the time. Therefore, you can check the time without opening the lid.

Samsung provides LED wallet cases in every color available for the Galaxy S21. These include purple, pink, black and gray. Therefore, you can match it with your phone.

Samsung LED Wallet

Samsung sturdy protective case

EF RG991 001 front silver 1600x1200

Samsung’s durable protective sleeve sounds like Samsung’s protective sleeve. Therefore, it is thicker and has good grip on the sides, so you are less likely to put down your phone, which is always important.

In addition, the Samsung Rugged case has a built-in bracket on the back. Therefore, you can support your mobile phone to watch content anytime, anywhere. It has gray and black.

This is the case for those who often drop their smartphones. Because this will provide some incredible protection.

Samsung’s sturdy protective

Spigen tough armor

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Spigen Tough Armor is one of the very popular cases and a good choice for the Galaxy S21.

For the Galaxy S21, this is a sturdy case that will provide enough protection for your new smartphone. It is a two-layer shell with a soft inner layer and a hard shell that can absorb impact. It also happens to be one of the cheapest cases on this list.

Spigen tough armor-Amazon

ESR transparent box

Galaxy s21 cases

Those who like a clear case will love this case of ESR. This is a clear TPU case. So it is not very thick, because it is already a fairly large smartphone, so it is a very good choice for the Galaxy S21.

But on the other hand, don’t expect the ESR transparent case to provide a lot of protection for your smartphone. Since it is very thin, the lips on the display are very small.

ESR Transparent Box-Amazon

Totallee transparent box

Galaxy s21 cases

The Totallee transparent protective case is one of my favorite protective cases on any smartphone. Not because of clarity, but because of how thin it is. This is the thinnest case for the Galaxy S21. This means that protection is minimal, but it does make it easier to hold and does not make the phone bulky.

This is important because the Galaxy S21 is already a pretty large smartphone.

Totallee Transparent Case-Amazon

Samsung leather case

EF VG991 001 front brown 1600x1200

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 leather case option can protect your smartphone style.

The leather case comes in two colors: black and brown. These cases look really good, and they do add some volume to your Galaxy S21, so please consider carefully before buying. But after months of use, once weathered, the leather will look incredible.

This is a good case, and it will look better and better over time.

Samsung leather

Samsung Silicone Case

EF PG991 001 front purple 1600x1200

This silicone protective case is one of my favorite Samsung first party protective cases. It looks great and feels really good. It also adds some important grip.

However, the silicone sleeve does attract dust like a magnet. Therefore, it may be smart to get lighter colors, which will not be so obvious.

Although this has more colors. Including violet, pink, gray and black. The colors of the Galaxy S21 series are provided. So it can truly match with your smartphone. It’s neat.

Samsung Silicone

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

Galaxy s21 cases

This is another most popular case of the Galaxy S21. Spigen’s case is clear, this is really great. But it also includes a bracket. This is really great for the Galaxy S21, because it does have a 6.8-inch Quad HD + AMOLED display, which looks absolutely amazing.

This clear case does have more protection than the other cases in this list. Because the edges and sides have been reinforced.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid S-Amazon

Link Agate

Galaxy s21 cases

Ringke Onyx is a very beautiful case from Ringke. It does a great job of protecting the smartphone and keeping the appearance stylish.

It has reinforced corners and sides, usually where the phone hits when it is dropped. Therefore, it will provide more protection for your new Galaxy S21.

It even has a similar appearance to the “bare metal” Galaxy S21, which is really cool.

Ringke Agate-Amazon

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