Platinum “Hope” has more displays on Bayonetta 3 this year | Instant News

“And also provide some other unannounced project updates”

It’s this time of year again!When we heard the vague news about the 2017 announcement Bayoneta 3.

Platinum producer Hideki Kamiya recently said something that implies that the big reveal is a bit far away from us, so don’t put hope on the big reveal. Recently, while talking to the famous character Hamada Satoshi of the Hamster Arcade Archive, Kamiya played it again, and said that he “hopes” to show his latest news Bayoneta 3 this year.

He also explained that he wanted to update “there are also some unannounced projects”. As we said, these projects naturally flow around Platinum’s office (one of them is GG project). Again, it is vague, but this is an update.People yell every month and it’s nice to know Bayoneta 3 Still moving forward, it seems that there are no major problems.

I mean, I still can’t believe they announced this in 2017, but there is nothing worth showing: but it’s nice to know all of this.

Kamiya [Niconico via Nintendo Everything]


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